Gestionando inmuebles con el portatil en la calle
Rent your apartment with us. It's very easy and it will take you less than 5 minutes! We explain how, step by step. Let's get started!
Girl managing the rental of her property online from her living room at home
How to rent your apartment entirely online and its benefits. We explain it step by step. Start now!
Lodgerin grows with the support of ENISA. We have received its support for entrepreneurship, as well as the seal of emerging company.
In the current era, technology has radically transformed the way we manage our properties, giving rise […]
In today’s era, where mobility is key and digital nomadic living is a reality for many […]
In the world of rental housing, there’s a lot of talk about accessibility, but what about […]
Today is a special day to recognise the essential work of those who build and maintain […]
Lodgerin offers digital solutions to both tenants and landlords in the commercialization and search for medium-term […]
Why a rebranding?  What have we changed?  The most visual part But what new things do […]