Greetings, students and young professionals who have decided to venture into the experience of living, studying […]
Hello, passionate Lodgerin readers! We hope this new year is full of abundance and exciting adventures. […]
The time change is coming, and for students and young professionals in Spain, this can mean […]
Hello to all accommodation owners, students and young professionals! We’re excited to have you on our […]
September is a month full of opportunities and new experiences, especially for students and young professionals […]
Barcelona Barcelona is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that offers a perfect combination of culture, art […]
espacios de coworking en Barcelona
What does coworking refer to?  Many of today’s professions that are carried out using a mobile […]
Get to know the city without luggage An idea that would facilitate the trip of many
At the university   First of all, don’t panic. Think that all your classmates are in […]
1. Check your documentation   Make sure you have all the necessary travel documents ready before […]