1. Get to know the places in your new city 2. Get a new sim card  […]
1. An island in the middle of the sea  2. Let’s go to the south of […]
Attend your classes Take notes of the key points Learn having fun Study in company  Keep […]
First and foremost: get a planner  When it comes to having a daily order, a routine […]
Today, August 12, is International Youth Day. In 1999, the United Nations decided to name this […]
Make a checklist It may seem silly, but we assure you it’s not. Before you start […]
Leonardo Express train   Rome’s airport is known as Fuimicino, although its official name is Leonardo […]
The University of Salamanca (1218) University of Valladolid (1241) Complutense University of Madrid (1293) University of […]