Among the European cities that must be visited is the capital of the United Kingdom, London, a place full of history and art! From Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace, the British Museum or the Natural History Museum, just to mention a few. Of course, you can not miss a visit to Big Ben, shopping in a lot of beautiful and interesting places, as well as its green areas, nightlife or theaters. Given all this offer, we show you an easy guide to visit London in just 3 days.

Day one in London

If you arrive at the intersection of Piccadilly Circus, you should have breakfast at The Breakfast Club and from there head to St. James Park, towards Buckingham Palace. There the changing of the guard takes place at 11:30. Then you can go to Westminster Abbey and then to the famous Big Ben. If you feel like a snack, you must try the traditional fish and chips!
Optionally, you can take the subway from Liverpool Street Station and get to St. Paul’s Cathedral. From its dome you can enjoy beautiful views. You can also go to the Thames crossing the Millennium Bridge and get to the Tate Modern museum. If you go to Borough Market, from there you can go to the iconic Shakespeare Globe.

Day two in London

One option is to go to the Clifton Nurseries coffee shop and try some sweet and delicious things to refuel. From there, it is close to Little Venice and the famous Camden Town market. This is also an excellent place to have lunch and then head to Regent’s Park and visit the Marylebone district to browse the stores.
Trafalgar Square is another stop you can not miss on your trip to London. There you can see Nelson’s Column and discover another perspective of Big Ben. Nearby is the National Gallery, where you can access for free. For the evening, Leicester Square and its musicals are also a good option.

Day three in London

You can start the day at Marble Arch and take a relaxing stroll through Hyde Park, as well as Kensington Palace and its gardens! You can appreciate the famous Royal Albert Hall and then go to Notting Hill Gate to get to know this famous neighborhood and have breakfast there. If you go to Soho, you will find several very picturesque speakeasy to have the perfect closing of this mini London adventure. Don’t forget to include in your tour the British Museum, which also includes tours in Spanish!

Where do I stay in London?

Remember that London is a very well connected city with 4 main airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton). Once you are there you can move around by bus, cab, subway or train. Now, what accommodation options are there in London? If you are a student or young professional who is going to stay in or visit London, remember that Lodgerin offers you the best accommodation.
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