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From an industrial area to the epicenter of Madrid life and culture. Today, the Tetuán neighborhood offers a wide range of cultural activities, tempting gastronomic options, unique stores and a variety of accommodations for all tastes. With art workshops, artisan bakeries and avant-garde cultural spaces, this district offers a unique experience for visitors – discover all that Tetuán has to offer!

Enjoy Tetuán

In the heart of Madrid, Tetuán emerges as a neighborhood that fuses the authenticity of its historical heritage with a unique contemporary energy. Amidst its lively streets and welcoming atmosphere, leisure in Tetuán takes on a special dimension. From its traditional taverns to its modern cultural spaces, every corner of this district offers a leisure experience that reflects the diversity and vitality of its community.

Movie evenings and courses in Tetuán

If you like movie and blanket days, you’ll love this space. Nave María, with a past as a carpentry shop, today stands as a sanctuary of creativity. Its interior houses a fascinating array of elements: from a small courtyard to a greenhouse and vegetable garden, and even an indoor pool. At its heart is the Conscious House, where courses, workshops and film screenings are held.

A little bit of creativity

Immerse yourself in the challenge of 59:59 Escape, a world of intrigue and mystery in the middle of the city. Every detail of its immersive rooms is selected to transport participants to faraway and unknown places.

When the room doors close, the adventure begins. With several experiences available to suit the number of players and their skill level, the venue offers stories such as “Doc’s Time Machine,” “The Terminal” and “The Tower of Babel.”

Nightlife: Chaman Boiler Club in Tetuán

Chaman Boiler Club is one of the best nightclubs in Tetuán. Each of its 3 rooms offers a different musical genre, from the most underground electronic music to the latest commercial hits. The club has an outdoor terrace, several bars to order your drink and a checkroom where you can leave your belongings.

Open-air Tetuán

In the district of Tetuán, nature lovers will find refuge in the Agustín Rodríguez Sahagún Park, an oasis of tranquility that extends along the border with the Barrio del Pilar. With its 18 hectares of meadows, this park has attractions such as an auditorium and a fountain in the shape of a beach.

The Ventilla Park, on the other hand, surprises as an extensive pine forest in the middle of the city, close to areas such as Chamartín and Plaza Castilla. Its picnic areas next to the waterfalls invite you to relax and enjoy the natural environment, while its 1.5-kilometer-long healthy path offers the perfect opportunity to walk or ride a bike.

A little bit of culture

History, art and tradition. Tetuán is home to a wealth of culture that reflects the diversity of its inhabitants and its historical legacy. From art galleries to cultural spaces, this area of the city offers an enriching experience for those looking to immerse themselves in the creativity and heritage of the Spanish capital.

The Tetuán Mosque

The Abu-Bakr Mosque, also known as the Central Mosque of Madrid or the Tetuán Mosque, represents an important cultural and religious landmark in the district. Since its inauguration in 1988, this architectural work, designed by Juan Mora, has been a symbol of the Islamic presence in the Spanish capital.

Although it initially held the title of Madrid’s first mosque, its grandeur was eclipsed by the M-30 mosque in 1992. However, its prayer hall, decorated with elements of Islamic art and highlighted by an imposing dome and illuminated glass windows, remains a space of great relevance to the local Muslim community.

A museum to touch

The Museo Tiflológico de la ONCE in Madrid is a space that challenges the conventional notion of the museum experience. Here, interaction goes beyond simple visual observation; the pieces are explored through touch, allowing the visitor to experience a more intimate connection with the works on display.

In an environment where the concept of “no touching” is becoming obsolete, this museum offers a unique opportunity for those seeking an enriching sensory experience. From the evolution of writing systems to tactile models of both national and international monuments, every corner of this museum is designed to foster inclusion and accessible understanding of culture and history.

The Mercado de Maravillas

The Mercado de Maravillas, conceived in 1933 but inaugurated in the subsequent decade during the postwar period, is a true icon of rationalist architectural charm. However, what really captivates its visitors are its 250 stalls.

Diversity is the norm: from foodstuffs to tea, flowers, shoe shops, bars, jewelry and gifts, this market offers a shopping experience that caters to all tastes and needs.

Tetuán’s best gastronomic offer

Hamburgers, sushi, coffee? The gastronomic offer of Tetuán is of the most varied. With a large number of restaurants, tapas bars, cafes and markets, this urban enclave stands as a true gastronomic paradise where the culinary traditions of different cultures merge to delight diners with every bite. Among its offerings you will find:

  • O’Rey. This small stall located in front of the Mercado Municipal de Tetuán is famous for serving some of the best burgers in Madrid.
  • Madreamiga by La Miguiña. This bakery’s products are praised for their quality and taste, especially the cinnamon rolls. The bakery generates great demand, especially at Christmas, for its roscones.
  • 1000 Cups Roastery. This is a specialty coffee shop that also roasts its own coffee. They stand out for their breakfasts: sourdough bread toasts and options such as avocado with tomato confit, smoked salmon with avocado and pickled onion.
  • Oroxata (or La Fábrica de Siempre). This is the oldest horchatería in the capital. They have fartons, cocas, ice creams and handmade slushies.
  • Masa Naomi. One of the best sushi restaurants in Madrid.

Furniture, bakeries and pressed flowers

From fashion boutiques and designer stores to traditional establishments and local markets, Tetuán offers a unique shopping experience where modernity blends with authenticity. On this tour of Tetuán’s stores, we will discover the richness and vitality of its shopping scene, where each establishment tells a story of its own and offers unique products that reflect the character and creativity of the neighborhood.

  • CALMA CHECHU is a custom-made furniture showroom. With an emphasis on craftsmanship and “made in Spain”, they offer a wide range of chairs, armchairs in printed fabrics and a collection of cushions.
  • Pan.Delirio and its bakery and pastry school, Materia, are a success. Run by the Javieres Cocheteuxs, father and son, it offers professional training and specialized courses for bakers, with cutting-edge technology in an environment that promotes a return to craftsmanship and quality.
  • At Taller Silvestre they are committed to unhurried manual work. In addition to its work with pressed flowers, Silvestre offers its space to brands for courses, events or photo shoots.
  • The best carpets in the capital are in Kilombo Home, a family business founded more than 8 years ago. With materials such as wool, silk and jute, the brand offers unique, handmade rugs.

Where can I stay in Tetuán?

In Tetuán, you will find a wide range of accommodation to suit different tastes and budgets. From hotels, to apartments, even coliving. Whether you are a student, a professional or a digital nomad, if you are looking for a medium stay accommodation in Tetuán, Lodgerin has more than 30 rooms available in several coliving in the district.

Enter our website and search for your accommodation. You can also access directly to our offer in Tetuán from here.

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