That traveling is one of the best pleasures in the world? We agree. That the time we are traveling is a gift and is worth gold? Also. So making the most of our time in the city we are visiting should be a must, and meeting our new partner Locker in the city is going to be a breath of fresh air.

Get to know the city without luggage

We are used to checkout from our accommodation around 10:00/11:00 in the morning, still having the whole day ahead to enjoy our destination. On many occasions, we see ourselves on the street with a suitcase to pull. Let’s face it, listening to the rattling of a suitcase all day is, to say the least, annoying.

Something similar happened to Albino Rico, the founder of Locker in the City. In 2016 he traveled with his family to Paris and, of course, he met at 11:00 in the morning, with 9 hours to spend in the city but with a lot of heavy suitcases.

Carrying them around for so long was not an option. He started looking for places to store his bags, but all he found were typical businesses that store your bags in a back room or hostels that do it in the same reception along with 50 other bags and, to be honest, that did not convey to him much trust. But, suddenly, he found a locker shop, whose service was exclusive to luggage storage.

An idea that would facilitate the trip of many

A few months later, together with a friend, he found himself doing a market study to validate this business idea. There were only two businesses that offered this type of service, but they were not automated, nor were they open 24/7, so they found a way to stand out and add extra value.

In 2017 they were opening their first stores in Madrid. Locker in the City offers luggage storage locker service in Madrid, Granada, and Barcelona. It is a completely automated service, that is, the reservation is online, without queues or waiting, all stores are open 24/7, and with 24-hour video surveillance by Prosegur.

To access the premises and open your ticket office, they give you a unique code per reservation and they also have insurance with AXA that covers up to €1,000. So, if you travel to Madrid, Granada, or Barcelona, ​​don’t go crazy dragging your luggage and enjoy until the last minute of your trip with our partner Locker in the City!

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