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Residences, shared apartments and, now, coliving. If you are one of those who think that it is not only about living better, but also about connecting, sharing or working together with people with similar interests and from all over the world, the option of coliving may be for you.

Living in the most central areas of the main Spanish cities is becoming prohibitively expensive, especially for young people. Therefore, faced with this situation, new housing trends are emerging based on the idea of sharing. Whether it is a room, a house or a building, sharing space will always be a more economical option, especially in the center of Madrid.

A concept born in San Francisco

San Francisco, Germany, Indonesia and now Spain. The concept was born in the United States more than 10 years ago. Young people were arriving in Silicon Valley due to the high demand for employment, but they could not find housing. Faced with the limited supply of housing, coliving was born. From there it spread to Europe (UK and Germany) and Asia (Indonesia and Tokyo).

In addition to being a residential phenomenon that consists of sharing the common areas of the building with neighbors, coliving is an increasingly attractive living concept for young people, especially because it facilitates their access to housing.

As with coworking at the professional level, coliving consists of sharing experiences, moments and projects with other people, but always with an intimate space. Although it is not very different from what a student residence offers, coliving is more focused on young professionals.

6 benefits of coliving

Coliving has a number of advantages, especially in a city like Madrid, where rental prices have experienced a considerable increase in recent years. Some of the reasons to consider this type of accommodation are:

Strategic location

Staying in a coliving allows you to reside in central or strategic areas of a city. In the case of Madrid, it facilitates access to housing in places such as: the Salamanca neighborhood, Malasaña, Atocha, Moncloa, in the center of the capital; but also in other cities where the price of rent is increasingly higher, such as Las Rozas or Alcobendas.

Design and amenities

The essential attraction of coliving lies in its common spaces with modern designs and amenities also designed for coworking. Coliving has private rooms in apartments designed for young professionals, which will provide you with a unique experience, tailored to your needs.

Community and networking

Community building is at the heart of coliving. The ability to interact with like-minded people not only enriches the social experience, but also fosters creative exchanges and valuable networking opportunities for the future.

Social and work events

Many companies specializing in coliving offer social and work events, from leisure outings to conferences and job mentoring, providing an added dimension to the shared living experience.

Services included

Coliving excels at including all essential services, such as excellent wifi, making it easy to live and work from your new home.

Reviews and testimonials

In addition, thanks to the experiences shared by other residents through reviews and testimonials, you will have valuable information to make decisions before opting for a coliving.

How to choose the best option?

When choosing coliving, take into account the following aspects:

  • Its price: evaluate factors such as space, location, services and facilities according to your budget and needs.
  • Its location: think about the areas you will need to move around, whether for studies, leisure or work; its communication and mobility capacity.
  • Flexibility: look for options that offer payment flexibility and temporary contracts.
  • Common areas: are they clean and safe? Make sure they meet your standards.
  • Its space limits: establish and respect limits in private spaces to promote good coexistence.

Accommodations in the north of Madrid

Speaking of coliving, at Lodgerin we have new accommodations in Alcobendas. With 50 studios available as of August 2024, this accommodation is ideal for both students and professionals. You can book your room in the coliving here.

As we have been saying, living in a coliving in Madrid offers not only a practical housing solution, but also an enriching experience that goes beyond the conventional. With benefits that include strategic location, modern design, dynamic community and flexibility, coliving presents itself as an attractive option for those seeking a balanced work and social life in the Spanish capital.


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