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The Fallas of Valencia 2023 are just around the corner! They are celebrated between March 14 and 19 and are among the most famous and anticipated festivities in Spain. They are even on the representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of Unesco. It is a festival that dates back hundreds of years, specifically to 1497. Back then, old belongings and candles used in winter were burned prior to St. Joseph’s Day, on March 19. Gradually this junk took human form and by the 18th century the first ninots, similar to the current ones, appeared. Now that you know the origin of this Valencian tradition, we tell you the best plans for these Fallas!

Fallas of Valencia 2023: plans to be carried out

The word “falla” comes from the Latin “fácula” or torch, and fallas are extraordinary sculptures made of polystyrene, paper, wood or cardboard. They are usually linked to current events. This March 2023 everyone will take to the streets of Valencia to enjoy its most famous festivities. These are the activities to be carried out:

  • Offering of the flowers. This offering is made to the Virgen de los Desamparados, patron saint of Valencia. It takes place on March 17 and 18 by the falleras commissions. It is in the Plaza de la Virgen where they will offer the flowers.
  • Fallas parade. This is the undisputed activity and consists of coming and going through the streets of Valencia to enjoy the festivities to the fullest. There is no set schedule, because you can start early and see the ninots and fallas to burn in the center of the city.
  • Mascletà. This activity is a must. You will enjoy the fireworks in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento at two o’clock in the afternoon during the days of the Fallas.
  • Gastronomy and cultural activities. Of course, these days the perfect option for a sweet snack are churros and pumpkin fritters, and you can accompany them with hot chocolate! On every corner you will find a churrería where you can try this delicacy and get strength to continue walking through the streets of the capital enjoying the festive atmosphere that is breathed.
  • Cabalgata de Fuego y Cremà. The Cabalgata de Fuego is a route that takes place along the streets of Colón and Ruzafa with destination to the Porta de la Mar. The Cremà is the highlight of the Valencian Fallas, as it is when they are consumed by fire on March 19. This show will surprise you!

Where to stay during the Fallas in Valencia?

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