Valencia mejor ciudad del mundo para vivir

For many years it was thought that cities like Paris, London, Milan or Hong Kong were some of the cities where everyone wanted to live. But, nowadays, the reality is very different. While they are still highly sought-after destinations for tourists, people have other preferences when it comes to their usual residence. The pleasant surprise (although not so much, if you ask its inhabitants) has been Valencia, considered the best city in the world to live in.  

Why choose Valencia to settle down?  

For starters, it is a wonderful city that combines both the sea and the mountains. It has miles of beaches and an enviable climate, plus the Valencians are known for being extremely nice people. It is located on the Mediterranean, one of the dream places for many people, and it is not surprising that, once you visit it, you will fall madly in love with this city.  

Valencia is one of the best cities to live in thanks to its low pollution rates. It is a very safe place and is bathed in sunshine. In fact, Spain is among the top 20 countries where people would like to live and that is where Valencia tops the list. This was proposed, no more and no less, by the famous New York Times. Valencia has a high life expectancy and a good balance between work and family life. Valencian gastronomy is enviable and, in addition, its health system is one of the most efficient.

Do you run away from stress?  

It is true that we all need a bit of stress in our lives, but not continuously! And that’s what happens in most of the more cosmopolitan options around the world. High levels of insecurity, lots of pollution, permanent traffic, plus an excess of stress. For example, in places like Mexico City, it is common for people to make daily commutes of two or more hours to get to their workplaces.  

When we think of a city to travel to, we are usually attracted by the leisure, culture, architecture and other features of the cities. However, for living we prefer a more balanced place. And no, it is not that Valencia is a bland place. Not at all, because there are plenty of leisure options, from bars and restaurants to nightlife, not to mention its traditional festivals, the Fallas. In addition, it is a more economical place than other Spanish cities, and, of course, with an excellent balance between daily life and work.

Come and live in Valencia, the best city to live in!  

After reading a little bit about all that this beautiful Mediterranean city has to offer, you will surely want to find a dream accommodation according to this city. That’s why at Lodgerin we take care of finding that place for you, whether you are coming for academic or business reasons. We offer you the ideal accommodation that will be so perfect that you won’t have to worry about anything.  

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