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Living outside Spain is an option to which more and more people, especially young adults, are becoming attracted. For one thing, in Spain, the procedures for acquiring a home have become more complicated or out of reach of the budget. On the other hand, the adventure of becoming digital nomads has opened the door to various options beyond the borders. But how to choose an apartment outside Spain? Here are some tips that will help you a lot.

What kind of apartments are you looking for?

You are probably thinking about renting an apartment abroad or even buying a house according to your budget. In case you do not plan to settle in a new city for a long term, a rental is a very profitable option. In the latter case, you should think about whether you want to share an apartment outside Spain or what characteristics the property should have, among other things, such as WiFi, whether you prefer a private or shared room, in which area of the city, etc.

Buying a property outside Spain

Especially in Latin America, this option is quite plausible, as prices are considerably lower. You can buy a large apartment for a much lower price than a small apartment anywhere in Spain. However, be careful, find out how the legal system works in the country where you are buying. Get to know the area and its surroundings, get advice from a local lawyer and take into account issues such as maintenance and taxation.

Avoid scams

Yes, it is true that finding an accommodation online, without ever having been there, involves some distrust and even traps. Find out the reputation of those who publish, be wary of offers that are too good, strange or unclear contracts, and even the possible impersonation of profiles. One option is to ask people you know who live in that city for their opinion. That is to say, from prices and contracts, to security in that area. References are very important to avoid frauds when it comes to finding accommodations.

Go to reliable sources

Don’t be afraid to ask people who have hired you or people from the institutions where you will study abroad. It is very likely that they may even know good references of places that are reliable, even close to where you will be living.

Opt for coliving

This is a great option to stay abroad in a reliable and safe way. In addition, it is an opportunity to meet new people and be in contact with like-minded people. In case you are working, you can share affinity in terms of work activity. The coliving consists of a real estate space that accommodates a few people in single or shared rooms. It also has common areas for work, living together, etc.

Lodgerin: apartments outside Spain

We are a young, reliable company specialized in coliving and coworking. In the first case, we offer very good accommodation options for young entrepreneurs, students and digital nomads. Whether it is a student residence with shared or individual rooms, or shared apartments with common areas and also with independence. And of course, with coliving accommodation with common areas and your own bathroom and bedroom – even to share with a roommate or friend!

We offer you totally safe, clean and tailor-made spaces for your pocket and needs, just what you need! Check out the options we offer on our website. Fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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