Today, 5 December, we celebrate World Volunteer Day, a special occasion to reflect on the importance of giving time and effort selflessly to contribute to the well-being of society. In an increasingly connected world, volunteering stands as a bridge that brings communities together and creates stronger bonds between people. On this significant day, we want to highlight how the spirit of volunteering resonates especially with students and young professionals who choose to study or work abroad.

Connecting across borders: Study and work abroad experiences

Every year, thousands of students embark on the exciting adventure of studying abroad, immersing themselves in new cultures, learning languages and broadening their academic and personal horizons. At the same time, many young professionals choose to work abroad, exploring job opportunities and gaining valuable experience for their professional growth.

This process of living abroad involves not only academics and careers, but also the crucial need to find suitable accommodation.

Student accommodation: More than just rooms and flatshares

At Lodgerin we recognise the importance of providing not just a roof over their heads, but also a home for those who have chosen to live abroad. Our student accommodation is not simply shared flats; it is a space to collaborate, where you can find diversity and welcoming communities. 

On World Volunteer Day, we want to highlight how our efforts go beyond providing accommodation for students and young professionals.

Creating meaningful experiences: volunteering and student life

Volunteering offers international students and young professionals the opportunity to integrate into the local community and contribute to the well-being of their temporary environment. Organising cultural events, participating in mentoring programmes or collaborating with local organisations are just some of the ways our residents can get actively involved.

Bridging the gap: A more connected world through volunteering

World Volunteer Day reminds us that selfless action can transform lives and communities. At Lodgerin, we aim to bridge the gap between borders and build a more connected world.

On this special day, we invite everyone to reflect on the positive impact volunteering can have on the lives of those studying or working abroad. Through small acts of kindness and commitment, we can build bridges that transcend cultural and geographic differences, creating a lasting legacy of global solidarity.

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