The city of Madrid has many cool neighbourhoods, and all of them have their own style. However, as an international student, it may seem hard to fit in to the culture. Luckily however, Lavapiés can be one of those barrios that makes you feel like you’re at home. It’s such a culturally diverse place! Here are just a few things you can do here in Lavapiés:

Walk through the art-filled streets

Just like Malasaña, Lavapies is home to a wide array of street art. You can walk down every street and find another wall filled with colour. If you’re an art lover, Lavapiés will definitely be for you!

La Tabacalera

Just on the outskirts of Lavapiés and bordering on Embajadores, there is a building that many people would just walk past. However, it’s full of some amazing street art! La Tabacalera is a centre for the arts and holds events quite a few days during the week. Whether you want to go to take the most aesthetic Instagram photos or just to admire everchanging work, it’s definitely a must see.

This is just the outside of la Tabacalera!

The best restaurants in Lavapiés

Los Chuchis

This restaurant has been described as one that breaks the mould in regard to Lavapiés restaurants. A variety of English dishes are served here but with a unique Spanish twist. You Brits out there will feel right at home with the knickknacks and memorabilia, but as a Brit myself I know that English food may be a little bland for others. That’s why the added Spanish flavour is amazing!

Restaurante Badilla

Restaurante Badilla is the number one place for many people looking for a bite to eat in Lavapiés. The menu has a wide range of Spanish classics that taste out of this world. We would definitely recommend the menu of the day. At 14€ it may seem a little pricey, but the taste and the portion sizes would definitely show you that it is worth every penny!

Try some of the cutest cafes in the city

Pum Pum Café

This café is definitely one of the most popular in the neighbourhood, and there’s it’s easy to know why! This little café in the heart of Lavapiés is the perfect spot for brunch. The interior is quite natural with its exposed brick walls and hanging plants. It’s the perfect place for a lover of the aesthetic, that’s for sure. You can order a light brunch such as one of their delicious granola bowls, or a heavy one such as their avocado eggs on toast. Both are just divine, and will leave you wanting to go back for more!

Plántate Café

This is another café with a natural atmosphere. Just a little bit smaller than Pum Pum, it has the same sort of interiors but somehow feels a little cosier. It’s the perfect place if you’re looking to study or do some work. We must say, however, the best thing about this place isn’t their delicious food. It’s actually their service! The owner will definitely put a smile on your face and always gives you a personalised service. What more can you want at a café?

Here are just a few examples of some awesome places to go in Lavapiés, but the list is never ending. If you want accommodation near Lavapiés check out our website!


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