If you are coming to live in Madrid, or even coming for a city break, we are certain you will have heard of Malasaña. It is one of the most famous and visited neighbourhoods in Madrid amongst young people and tourists alike. Don’t be fooled by how pretty it is though, because among these pretty streets is a maze that you can’t help but be lost in which makes it quite tricky to find the best places to go and the best things to see. But don’t worry, we have you covered! Here is a list of our favourite places that we would definitely recommend in Malasaña.

Malasaña’s Local Artwork

Since Malasaña is such a vibrant, thriving part of town, along with its neighbour Chueca, it would only seem natural that it has some of the best street art in the whole city. We wanted to show you some examples of the wide range of art there is here, but most of it can be seen on the shutters of the stores and cafés before they open. But that’s okay, we still managed to get up earlier so we can show you. If you do the same, we’re sure you’ll have some Instagram posts that your friends will be envious of!

Walls have eyes! Honestly, you haven’t been to Malasaña if you’ve not taken a photo here.
These cute portraits are just some examples of what you can find on store shutters!

Well-deserved Drinks


Tupperware is always a must for anyone that wants to go out in Malasaña. It is one of the most famous and extravagant bars in Malasaña due to its cheap drinks, eclectic design and wide variety of must – it’s not all about reggaetón here! Tupperware is the perfect bar for young people, and we can guarantee that you will have a good time here.


Located in one of Malasaña’s main squares, Ojalá is always filled with people having a good time. It is a perfect place for both food and drinks, serving food that matches the perfectly decorated coastal aesthetic. However, when the clock strikes 9:00pm, the downstairs floor is open to have a drink. It takes the coastal vibe to the extreme with an actual beach (but minus the sea). It’s perfect for those who want a unique experience.

Espit Chupitos

This bar is aptly names chupitos, meaning shots in Spanish, since that is the only drink it serves! This bar serves more than 200 different shots all at just 2€, and some even come with a fiery display! The cosy vibe and great music make this bar ideal for anyone looking for fun in Madrid.

Quaint cafés & Unique Restaurants

Ochenta Grados

This quirky little restaurant is now a favourite amongst locals and foreigners, so much to say that reservations are hard to come by! Ochenta Grados is one of the best places to eat traditional Spanish tapas but with a modern edge. For instance, its small plates and signature tinto de verano make it the perfect place to go for a special occasion. We recommend their variety of croquettes and the roasted pork rib sandwich (especially for those British students who miss the taste of a traditional roast and gravy), but to be honest, you wouldn’t regret anything you ate here!

El Lateral

When you’re walking through Malasaña, we’re sure you will spot a few restaurants that are always full of people because of how great the food is. Equally, Lateral is one of these places. This restaurant is always a safe choice and has a wide variety of great tapas and drinks on the menu. The wild mushroom croquettes are a must!

La Bicicleta Café

True to its name, this café gets its inspiration from bikes and has the décor to match! The relaxed vibe makes it a favourite in Madrid and has great coffee to accompany any studying you might choose to do there. Whether you’re stopping for brunch or just for a coffee, you are guaranteed to love it.

Hanso Café

This cute cafe is tucked away in a little corner of Malasaña and normally attracts a very young international clientele. This café offers delicious pastries, brunches and some interesting coffees all at a great price! It is a great place to both to hang out or do some work due to its chilled out vibe.

We know the iced matcha latte may not look appetising to some, but we couldn’t resist it on a day as hot as the summer days in Madrid! The variety of avocado toast here is perfect for everyone’s tastes too!

 J & J Books & Coffee

Located slightly further out of the centre of the neighbourhood, this café/bookstore is a great place to visit. It attracts many international students and residents due to being a hub for international events that help with your language skills. You can either grab a bite to eat and a coffee here, and is a must for a bagel lover – a rarity here in the city!

As you can see, there is a great deal of things you can do in Malasaña, and we have only just touched the surface! There’s so much to see and do here besides food and drink, but we’ll cover that another time.

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