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Digitalization makes renting a property easier and safer than ever. Technology helps landlords simplify all steps of the process: from finding potential tenants to signing the rental agreement, from daily property management to tenant check-in and check-out. In this article, we will explore how digitalization can help you rent your apartment more efficiently.

1. Create your online listing

The first step to rent an apartment online is to create an effective listing and upload it to the platform. Make sure your ad stands out:

  • High-quality photographs: Photos are key in attracting potential tenants to your listing. Take care of them. Show each room from multiple angles with natural light and make each image inviting to live in the property.
  • Clear and attractive description: Detail the unique features of your apartment and the surrounding community (transport, services, etc.).
  • Complete information: Include all relevant details such as price, pet policy, deposit requirements, etc.

2. Online rental agreement signing

Previously, this step required multiple face-to-face meetings and the physical exchange of documents. Today, thanks to digitalization, it is possible to use secure electronic signature platforms that allow both parties to sign the rental agreement from any device with internet access in a safe and legal manner without the need for face-to-face meetings. Two points to consider:

  • Legality: Ensure that the electronic signature platform complies with local regulations so that the contract is fully legally valid.
  • Security: Check that the platform guarantees the security of personal data in accordance with current data protection regulations.

3. Remote check-in and check-out management

Implement systems such as smart locks or key safes that tenants can operate via an app. This will allow you to perform the check-in and check-out processes efficiently without having to personally coordinate each entry or exit, thus facilitating logistics and saving you time. These technologies offer greater flexibility and security as you can change access codes after each use and monitor access in real time.

Additionally, if these tools are integrated with property management systems, they can provide automatic records of entry and exit dates and times, which optimizes property management and improves the end-user experience. This automation not only reduces operational burden but also enhances tenant satisfaction as they can manage their arrival and departure autonomously and conveniently.

4. Digital utilities management

Use smart systems like Qlip for managing utilities (electricity, water, gas) that offer both more precise control of consumption and an easy way to split costs if you rent to multiple tenants.

  • Real-time monitoring: Install devices that monitor energy and water consumption.
  • Simplified Billing: These systems can be integrated with online payment platforms to automate billing and collection.

5. Effective communication with your tenants via messaging platforms

Maintaining an open and effective line of communication is vital to manage any issues quickly and ensure tenant satisfaction. Messaging services such as WhatsApp or Telegram allow for real-time or delayed communication free or at almost zero cost.

6. Full managed platforms for better management

For effective management of multiple properties, the use of online platforms that offer integrated services is recommended. These platforms, like Lodgerin Full Managed and Full Managed Plus, allow landlords to control all their properties from one place. By taking care of every aspect of the process, these tools save time for the landlord, ensure professional management, and minimize incidents.

The Advantages of real estate digitalization

In this video, Oscar Rubio delves into the advantages of digitalizing real estate processes with Lodgerin platform, allowing landlords and tenants a smoother experience without the typical problems of traditional paperwork.


Managing your property online not only makes it easier to find tenants but also simplifies the rental contracting process and helps you manage your property more efficiently and profitably.

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