cómo poner tu piso en alquiler

If you have a house that you are going to vacate, it is inherited or it is a second home, why leave it unoccupied? Such a property quickly begins to deteriorate, even to suffer possible vandalism. On the other hand, renting your apartment is a very good option and these tips will be very useful.

To whom will you rent your apartment

It is not a simple question, from this point you can avoid many headaches. Of course, the tenant must take care of your property, be punctual with the payment and comply with what is agreed in the contract. Too optimistic? It will depend on the tenant profile you are looking for for your property. Even if you will accept pets or not (which nowadays many tenants request it) and, if so, it is important to specify it in the contract.

How much you should charge for rental housing

It is not as simple as it seems, since it is possible that you are not adjusting the price. For this it is essential to know the real estate market and its demand. For example: if it is a school zone, the target is families with children. On the other hand, if it is centrally located or full of nightlife, it may be more focused on tourists. In addition, you must also take into account the conditions of your property, in what area or neighbourhood it is, the number of rooms, etc.

Manage your property

Just as a tenant has obligations, as a landlord you also have obligations. You must be the first instance to turn to in case of electrical problems, leaks, etc., among others. A good service is also useful for your tenant to recommend you to others. Offering a good service as a landlord can offer you opportunities.

Fix up your apartment

We advise you to remove any personal objects or ornaments, so that the person who arrives can decorate it to their liking. Check that everything works well: light and outlets, that the paint is in good condition, de-personalize, clean and make it attract people! Don’t forget the WiFi connection, as it is essential, as well as attracting an energy certificate.

Go to a rental professional

This is basic, since there are several legal issues that must be managed, such as the lease contract. There is paperwork that needs to be done, as well as showing the property, choosing the right type of tenant, collecting the rent on time… And a professional will take care of that! In addition, he/she will tell you if your apartment needs some repairs that you may have overlooked or that can increase its value, so renting your apartment will be easier!

Coworking and coliving rental

But there are other alternatives, such as renting your home as a coliving and coworking space. In these cases, it can be a long-term scheme, but also a short stay of a month or a course. The latter applies in the case of digital nomads or for entrepreneurs looking for shared, private spaces with common areas. Or in the first case, for students looking for a comfortable and safe place with shared or individual rooms.

Lodgerin: we rent your apartment!

We are a young company that specializes precisely in coliving and coworking. We offer customized living spaces to target clients. If you are an owner, you only have to register and upload your property. We manage the information of potential tenants and you just accept or not! We charge a small commission so you don’t have to look for anyone else, and you can manage all your information from one place!

You don’t have time for the above and you want us to take care of all the above points? Remember all these tips for renting your apartment! And as for the management, contract, collection, maintenance… We do that too! You won’t have to deal with anything on your own, let us take care of it! Visit our website, fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.



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