It’s a fact that Smartphones have conquered the entire world since they not only are communication and information tools, but they also make our life easier in different opportunities as students. Sometimes we find so many Apps that it’s difficult for us to choose which one to download. If that’s the case, don’t worry, in this post, we will recommend 4 useful Apps for international students that are worth having on your mobile. You will love them!

1. TripLingo 

Starting classes in a new country implies knowing more about its culture. If you want to dive into this experience, TripLingo is ideal. This App will allow you to access different information that will provide you with typical phrases and cultural knowledge about your new country.

In the App, you’ll also find a currency conversion tool, a simultaneous translator, and emergency information such as embassies, emergency numbers, and information places during your stay.

2. Google Maps

Usually, we don’t know where to start moving to our new city. For this reason, Google Maps will be your best friend. The App will allow you to see where to make the purchase, which pharmacy is closest to you, or a cafe where you can study for your exams.

Also, if you put your final destination, it will show you which is the most efficient transport option. In all the cities, google maps will tell you what transport to take, that’s why we recommended as one of the most useful apps for students. According to the distance, it will consider options like bike, bus, metro, or walking. We know that getting from one place to another in a new country will always be a big challenge, so your life will be easier in the right direction.

3. Evernote 

If you’re one of those who don’t know where to keep your notes, how to organize your information, or you need to unify everything you have of your subjects in one place, Evernote is the ideal App. Despite being on the market for years, it will always be our favorite when it comes to storing all your information safely and efficiently.

Evernote has been designed to take notes, organize ourselves, file information and create tasks in an organized way. You can schedule reminders about upcoming homework and exams in order to plan your time week after week. Additionally, by connecting different devices to your account, you have the access to all the information since the App is in charge of synchronizing real-time data.

4. HostelWorld

As an international student, it is ideal to take advantage of your free weekends to venture out with your new friends and discover new destinations. However, sometimes it is a challenge to find short-stay accommodation for a weekend that fits your monthly budget.

Hostelworld is the ideal App to find those weekend accommodations that are reliable and that, in addition, will allow you to meet other student travelers from all over the world. In the App, you can find photos, testimonials, and prices of the recommended hostels in each city.

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