More and more people are looking for coliving and coworking spaces, from professionals and entrepreneurs, to digital nomads and students. Being able to work in a beach destination is an ideal option, so if you have an apartment on the beach that you want to rent, it will be a good idea to set it up. This way you increase the chances of it being rented, plus you will even be able to ask for more money for your rent. For this, here are some tips on decorating trends for you to rent your home on the beach.

Ad hoc furniture for your beach house

Furniture made of fresh and natural materials such as rattan is trending. This includes poufs made of this material, as well as mats made of natural fibers. If changing the furniture is not in your budget, a coat of paint will be just what they need! This way, you will give them a different and renewed style. From Chalk Paint to a nice stripping, there are many options for finishes. Plus, the trendy shades range from grays and whites to blues.

For the living room, a sleeper sofa will be essential to provide an extra bed. Even a trundle bed for the bedroom will also become a good choice. To keep the sofa or even the chairs in better condition, invest in cotton covers or a mix of nautical and cool tones. Of course! Remember that they should be washable to keep them clean.

Decorative elements for your seaside apartment

Decorative cushions alluding to marine themes are also very trendy. In addition, they offer comfort and a sense of home so that tenants feel more at home than ever. Contrast with blue, yellow and even floral prints. If curtains are already out of fashion, linen and cotton are on trend. Not only because they are cool fabrics, but also because they allow the breeze to pass through. In summer this is a must! And that’s not all, but also light tones offer greater luminosity to the rooms. Oh, and don’t forget to place mirrors of different sizes throughout the apartment. This gives the apartment a greater sense of space and clarity, essential in a beach apartment.

Take advantage of the views of your apartment on the beach

The bay windows have many possibilities. You can place a bench, either masonry or wood, to create an aesthetic and cozy chill out space. And if you have a terrace, you can place a natural barrier with bamboo to give more privacy to your tenants. Do not forget to decorate with potted plants to give a cooler and more pleasant atmosphere.

In case you do not have a sea view, take the opportunity to decorate with marine elements, such as shells and pebbles. Framing sheets with scenes alluding to the sea can be another option to wrap the decoration in this marine environment. This can be applied to details such as sconces, table lamps or pedestal lamps, as well as quality local crafts that give life and movement to your space.

Do you already have someone to rent your apartment on the beach?

The previous proposals for decorating a beach house will undoubtedly be great. However, it is possible that you still do not have proposals for tenants or do not know how to proceed with contracts, maintenance and many more formalities. That’s why at Lodgerin we take care of this and more. If your apartment is ready to attract potential tenants, we help you find them and manage it, we take care of the lease, the necessary paperwork and rent collection, management, contract and maintenance, among other things. Get to know our options through our website. Fill out the form and our team will contact you.


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