pisos de estudiante
From setting clear rules, to taking advantage of monitoring tools. Learn how to prevent your tenants from partying in your student apartments.
consejos Erasmus
Still don't know where to go for Erasmus? With these 10 tips you will be ready to decide.
Gestionando inmuebles con el portatil en la calle
Rent your apartment with us. It's very easy and it will take you less than 5 minutes! We explain how, step by step. Let's get started!
Girl managing the rental of her property online from her living room at home
How to rent your apartment entirely online and its benefits. We explain it step by step. Start now!
photograph your property
If you want to sell or rent your home, we share with you 5 tricks to photograph your property and sell it faster.
Friends living together in a shared apartment.
The flexibility and privacy of traditional rental, with the benefits of community living. The perfect formula for students and digital nomads.
Lodgerin grows with the support of ENISA. We have received its support for entrepreneurship, as well as the seal of emerging company.
Aerial view of the city of Lisbon
Find your ideal home in Lisbon. We analyze the most attractive areas of the city so that you can find the one that best fits your lifestyle.
choosing accommodation
Moving abroad? When choosing accommodation, it is essential that you follow these 9 tips or green flags that we share with you.
Lodgerin y BEM. Alojamientos en España
We have signed an agreement with BEM EM to market its accommodations in Spain. Before the end of the year, the Portuguese company expects to have 400 rentable units in the country.