London is a very big city with many places to visit, so you may need to know how to get around the city before you arrive. London’s public transportation is one of the complete systems in the world. Maybe you have heard of the Tube or know about the classic red double-decker buses. However, these are not the only means of public transportation. So, if you want to get around the city like a local, read on!

The first thing you should take into account is that public transportation in London can be a bit expensive. If you visit this city, we recommend that you try to walk, as long as the weather is in your favor. Rain is not a problem for Londoners. You will be able to get anywhere you want, in any of these public transportation options in London:


The London Underground is the best way to get to and within the city center. “The Tube”, as the locals call it, has been operating since 1863. It is divided into 9 zones, according to which ticket prices vary. Note that zones 1 and 3 (the center) are the cheapest. The further away from the center you go, the higher the prices will rise.

Traveling by Metro is fast, but not cheap. The ticket usually costs £4.90, but don’t worry, because there are ways to save a little. If you pay with your Oyster, Oyster Visitor or Contactless card, the fare goes down to £2.40.

The Underground runs from 5am to midnight on weekdays. However, London has a Night Tube service, where some lines are available on Friday and Saturday nights, perfect for partying during your Erasmus!


Yes, London’s public transport buses are just like the ones in the movies. The famous red double-decker buses are much cheaper than the Underground, but if you are in a hurry they may not be the best option. A journey costs £1.50 and can only be paid for with Oyster or Contactless cards. It’s very important not to forget that buses in London no longer accept cash payment, so be aware of this!

Docklands Light Railway (DLR)

This driverless line is connected to the London Underground and can be accessed with the same Oyster card. DLR is the best way to reach parts of the east of the city and the docklands area. It also connects the Emirates Air Line cable car to London City Airport.


If you want to avoid traffic, traveling on the River Thames is a great idea. London’s public transport has the Uber Boat by Thames Clippers service. Consists of a network of boats that travel along the river. The best thing is that here you can also pay with your Oyster card.  According to some Londoners, from these boats you can see the best views of the city.


If you want to move around South London, this is the best option that London’s public transport has for you. Do not imagine classic vehicles, because the Tramlink was created in 2000. This Tram runs every 10 minutes and is much more affordable, only £1.55 with an Oyster card.


For only 2£ you can access all day long to the public bicycle service of the city. As in any big city, London’s public transport could not fail to offer a more environmentally friendly option. Santander Bicycles are available at 750 pick-up points and will allow you to get wherever you want to go, so get on your bike and enjoy 30 minutes for free!

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