Did you know that Barcelona’s universities are the best in Spain? Yes, this city, besides being rich in art and culture, also has an excellent academic offer. No wonder why Barcelona is one of the European cities that receives more international students per year.

As you know, where exchange students are, Students Global Relocation also is there to make their lives easier. We work hand in hand with universities to offer their students the best mobility solutions. Do you want to know the universities in Barcelona with which we collaborate? Then, let’s get to it!

Barcelona Technology School

If you are thinking of doing your master’s degree in Barcelona, and you are interested in technology, this may be your university! Barcelona Technology School specializes in training professionals who will transform the digital industry. Diversity, technology, and its incredible location make this university a unique place. For instance, while studying at this university, you can enjoy your lectures and the beach all in the same day. For sure, you won’t be able to do it at other universities in Barcelona.

Moreover, this center offers prestigious official master’s degrees in English. Some of the options of this center are: Digital Transformation Leadership, Digital Product Management, Big Data and A.I. Solutions and User Experience Design. BTS -no, not the famous K-pop band- has a team of industry leaders that wants to inspire you and help you make a digital impact. During your studies, industry leaders will help you achieve your goals with their expertise.

EU Mediterrani

In the heart of Barcelona we can find EU Mediterrani. The mission of this school is to prepare the best professionals in the Tourism and Marketing sectors. Therefore, here you can study any of the prestigious official university degrees offered, such as Degree in Tourism, Marketing, Logistics and the Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing. All of them are adapted to the European Higher Education Area and are awarded by the University of Girona.

GBS Global Business School

On the other hand, if you like the business world, GBSB Global Business School is a great option for you. It is an internationally accredited business school. Its campuses, are known for welcoming students from all over the world, especially from Europe and the United States. You will find any subject related to the business world by taking one of its bachelor’s or master’s degrees, you choose!


The most outstanding feature of this university is its high degree of professionalization. The main objective of TecnoCampus is the labor insertion of all its students. All degrees have a degree council formed by relevant companies in the sector that adapts the curriculum to the needs of the market. TecnoCampus offers a wide range of internships in the best companies, and works continuously to bring up the entrepreneurial talent of its students.

All of these universities have one thing in common that makes any of them a great choice: they are all in Barcelona! No matter how long you are studying in the city, it will never be long enough to enjoy its lively and exciting vibe.

Students Global Relocation has worked with many students from these four universities in Barcelona. Our main purpose is to offer you the best accommodation options so that you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay abroad.

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