New state of Emergency in Spain, restrictions by municipalities, restrictions by communities, perimeter confinements, etc. Lately, we wake up with some stockings and go to sleep with different ones. How does this affect my daily life as a student?

With more than 47 million infections in the world, according to the latest data, it is normal that the measures are increasingly restrictive. However, in practice this is all a mess. In this post we explain everything so that you don’t go crazy.

First of all, it must be explained that the state of emergency is nothing more than a measure that the executive arm of the State can take in cases of emergency in order to limit the constitutional rights of Spanish citizens and residents and therefore dictate regulations that help to restore normality.

Even When?

The state of emergency will end at 00:00 hours on November 9, 2020, without prejudice to any extensions that may be established. BUT, Congress authorized on October 29, 2020, the extension of the state of emergency for a period of 6 months until 00:00 hours on May 9, 2021.

What is the difference with the previous state of emergency?

The main difference is that we can leave the house, we can walk, go to the terraces (in some communities), go to the shops … that is, there is no home confinement as such.

Another characteristic to highlight of this state of emergency is that of the powers that have been derived to the Autonomous Communities, being then they the ones that can dictate measures according to the situation in which they are in terms of health and also modify these of in accordance with the evolution of the pandemic in their territories. For example, in Madrid if you meet your friends (be careful, maximum 6 people) you can be on the street until 00:00. However, in other cities of the country at 10:00 p.m. you already have to be home.

In this sense, there are also great regional differences in terms of hospitality hours. Can I go out to have some beers or not? Yes, at least in Madrid. However, in other communities such as Navarra or La Rioja, “going out with beer” or simply meet fo a coffee is not an option. 

And so? What I can do?

We sincerely recommend that you stay informed on twitter, digital news from the main European newspapers, etc. Because, as we pointed out at the beginning, one day you can go to class and maybe not the next day.

For now:

  • Social gatherings may not be of more than 6 people both in public and in private with the exception that they are cohabiting and will also be part of the sum of this number of people, that is to say that if there is a family of 4 people they could only meet two more in the same space.
  • The mandatory use of a mask in public and local spaces, as well as maintaining a safe distance as long as it is possible, is still part of the national regulations.
  • You will not be able to travel from one autonomous region to another without a justified cause such as going to the workplace or doctor. No weekend trips my friends.
  • You can go to the gym and do any sporting activity in Madrid. However, in Catalonia gyms are closed and non-professional sports are suspended. Take the mat and remove the table from the living room if you live in Barcelona.

But, are they going to “lock us up” at home again?

In principle no, or so the Spanish authorities say: “We are going to try to prevent this from happening. Let’s not advance phases. ” admitted the vice president of the Government. But the reality is that, if the current measures do not reduce the contagion curve between now and the next few weeks, home confinement of at least 15 days will be inevitable.

Christmas is just around the corner and like you, many students and many people will want to go home to be with their family.

Do you have any doubt left? Leave us all the questions that come to your mind and don’t forget to contact us for any mobility management you need. We leave you here the explanation of our mobility services, which we know is a mess.

Stay safe!

All the updates in our RRSS, don’t forget to keep an eye on them.

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