When thinking about Madrid and Barcelona, it is inevitable to wonder what is like in Spain’s nightlife in its main cities.  Every year thousands of students and young professionals come to this country in search of an unparalleled experience. In addition to the cultural richness and beautiful landscapes, if there is something that attracts young people to this country is the distinguished Spain’s nightlife, where beer and good music liven up any night.

Places to party in Madrid

Madrid is an incredible destination that offers a wide variety of activities to do, among them an amazing nightlife. Don’t be fooled by its stately neighborhoods and traditional heritage, in Madrid the nights are active any day of the year. But this city is very big and the offer of clubs and nightclubs is not far behind.  Therefore, Lodgerin brings you a small selection of the best clubs to enjoy the nightlife in Madrid.

Joy Eslava

Joy eslava is one of the oldest nightclubs in Madrid opens its doors every day of the year. Located in the center of the city, a short distance from Puerta del Sol, this club offers a different party 365 days a year. If you want to listen to different music every night and meet different people, be sure to visit Joy Eslava.

Teatro Kapital

Teatro Kapital is another of the classics of the city. It is impossible to fully enjoy the nightlife in Madrid without visiting this place. Its seven floors where it offers all kinds of music, from House, Latin music and even a Karaoke, has turned Kapital into an icon of Madrid.

Teatro Barceló

the famous Pachá Thursdays are an emblem of Spain’s nightlife.  This former theater became a nightclub in the 80s, and since then it opens its doors from Thursday to Saturday. Thursdays are dedicated to the youngest, with student parties where 18 year olds are allowed to enter. Fridays and Saturdays, on the other hand, are more exclusive events with a minimum age of 23 and 24. This option is ideal for all expats who want to enjoy their weekend in Madrid, don’t miss it!


Another of the best clubs in Madrid is located on the outskirts of the city. Despite its location away from the center, Blackhaus has everything to make your night unforgettable. It is currently the favorite nightclub of soccer players, actresses and other celebrities. Nightlife in Madrid would be incomplete without this club.

Places to party in Barcelona

When night falls in Barcelona, this vibrant city does not die down, quite the contrary. Spain’s second largest city offers a perfect choice for all tastes. There is always something to do in Barcelona and the nights are no exception. That’s why in this guide we will make sure you enjoy the best of nightlife in Barcelona.

Opium Barcelona

Is the most famous nightclub in the Paseo Maritimo area, which is very attractive for its proximity to the beach. Opium organizes events every day of the week and is a favorite among young international people because of its terrace. Before going, please note that the minimum age is 21 years old. If you like this club, we give you the good news that they are also based in Madrid.

Sala Apolo

This is one of the most popular nightclubs in Barcelona and is known for its legendary parties that liven up the nightlife in Barcelona. This club was founded in the early twentieth century and is part of the DNA of the city. Every day of the week you will find the best club parties, concerts, cycles and musical events in the Catalan capital.


Like Opium, it is also located in Madrid. Shoko during the day is a restaurant/lounge and after midnight it becomes one of the favorite places to enjoy the nightlife in Barcelona. Its doors are open every day, and it attracts a lively and young crowd.

Teatre Principal

Is the oldest club in the city and an icon of Barcelona, located on Las Ramblas. It hosts the best international DJs and electronic music shows that you can not miss if you want to live the nightlife in Barcelona.

Nightlife in Spain is unique in Europe, and Madrid and Barcelona are just a sample of it. Come and enjoy all that these cities have to offer when night falls. 

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