We know that the life of an expat may not be easy, especially at first. Moving abroad requires a lot of preparation. In a very short time, you have to find your new home, learn a new language and get your papers in order. That’s why Lodgerin is here to help you.   

In European cities transportation doesn’t seem to be at the top of the to-do list. Many expats prefer to use public transport and do not even consider driving. However, it is another important point to think about when settling in a new country.  Have you ever wondered what happens if you need a car for work, or if you want to travel by road to the best destinations? Read on and we’ll tell you how to change your foreign driver’s license. 

If your foreign driver’s license is from a European Union country

Lucky of you if this is your case! If you come from a UE country, your driving license will be valid for driving in any of these countries. You will not need to exchange it. According to European laws your license will serve as while it is valid. Also, it is important that it has not been withdrawn or suspended for any reason. In Europe driving licenses last between 10 and 15 years, so you won’t have to worry about this for a long time

If your foreign driver’s license is from another part of the world  

If you come from any other latitude the story is a little different. You will have to change your foreign driver’s license to be able to drive legally in Europe. Although you may find it a bit lazy to go through another procedure, we assure you that owning your driving license will be well worth it. It will take you to amazing cities and provide you with hundreds of opportunities for your adventure abroad. We won’t keep you waiting any longer, let’s get to it!   

International Permit

For short stays, but you need to drive, the best option is to get your International Permit. This driving license is accepted in all countries of the world, as long as your foreign license is valid. It is not exactly a real license; it is a form of temporary validation of your original license. Also, it is not actually required in all EU countries, but having it can save you some trouble.   

To obtain it, you must apply at the agency authorized by the government of your destination country. To do this you must complete the application form, bring a copy of your driver’s license, 2 passport size photos and pay a minimum fee.   

Now, if your stay is a little longer you will need to forget your foreign driver’s license and get a new one. 

European Driving License

In the case you are planning to stay for more than six months in the EU, you will need a real driving license. After your first six months in the country, you will need to exchange your current license at the appropriate department. Regulations may vary slightly from country to country, we recommend that you check with the traffic authority in your new home. Among the documentation required in most countries are a valid ID, residence permit, a copy of your original license and a photo. In some countries you may be asked to retake your driving test.   

Now that you know how to get your driving license you can cross this task off your long list. Now you just need to prepare yourself for all the amazing destinations that await you in Europe – enjoy your travels and drive safely! 

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