More than 50,000 international students choose Portugal as their study abroad destination every year. If you want to be one of them, and you are thinking of choosing Lisbon as your new city, you are probably wondering how much it costs to study there. At Students Global Relocation we know that studying away from home is a significant financial investment, but you can make the most of it with a little planning. That’s why today we’re helping you calculate how much it costs to study in Lisbon, so you can make the most of your university experience abroad.

Luckily, Lisbon has a more affordable cost of living than many other European capitals. For this reason, it is the ideal destination for those looking to study in a country rich in culture, learn a new language and attend quality universities. All this, without breaking your budget.


During your stay in the city you will need a place to stay, a home away from home. Finding accommodation in Lisbon can be a complicated task, especially in seasons like September, when students arrive in the city. That’s why we bring you the best student accommodation options to make this task less tedious. You can find a room in shared apartments, studios or in student residences that include full board services.

If you want to share your experience abroad with other students like you, you will be interested to know that a single room in a shared apartment can cost between 300 and 500 euros per month. On the other hand, a 1 bedroom apartment in the city center can cost more than 600 euros. As in any city, the price will depend on the type of accommodation you prefer and the neighborhood where you want to live.

When choosing your accommodation, you will also have to take into account the electricity, water, natural gas and internet bills. Basic services in Madrid are paid every two months and can cost between 100 and 130 euros.


Food expenses, along with housing, are the most important to plan for. Portugal has a great traditional gastronomic offer, for a very affordable cost. You will be able to find inexpensive restaurants where they offer a daily menu for 8 euros. While, in higher-end restaurants, a meal for two can be around 30 euros.

Although Lisbon is full of cheap bars, eating at home will always be better for your pocket. Monthly groceries for one person are around 150 euros, including toiletries and cleaning supplies.


Public transportation in Lisbon is quite effective and reasonably priced. While you study in Lisbon, it is important that you can get around the city without any problems. Fortunately, as a frequent traveler you will be able to get the Lisboa Viva transportation card. This offers the best discounts and allows you to charge monthly passes for the metro and bus.

Other costs

When moving to another country it is important to be cautious so you should have a little extra money for any unforeseen eventuality. Keep in mind that you will need to buy medicines, books for university and any other purchases such as clothes and shoes.

If you have thought about going to study in Lisbon, you will want to enjoy its great cultural offerings. The experience of living in another country goes far beyond studying. To have fun in Lisbon, do fun activities and hang out with your classmates, you will have to set aside a little bit of your budget.

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