International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March. Although this year the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed us to live an atypical 8th March, we propose you different ideas to celebrate International Women’s Day at home.

In recent years, demonstrations and mass events have been the most vindictive and notable. However, today we have ruled them out completely due to the risk of spreading Covid-19 caused by crowds of people.

Even so, don’t think that all is lost. Everyone at home can do their bit for feminism. The 8th March was born out of a need to give voice to the injustices that affected and continue to affect thousands of women. Today you can continue to give them a voice in the following ways:


1. Connect with other women digitally

Fortunately, today we have the convenience of social media. One of the most enriching activities you can do today is to attend online talks and workshops.

We recommend the conference Women in Conservation, organised by the University of Exeter, which will take place from 7 PM to 10 PM CET.

You can also join the online event organised by Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund, #1000WomenLeaders, which will take place from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM CET.

In addition to the talks we recommend that will take place today, there will be many more throughout the rest of the week.

The Women’s Institute has also organised a programme of events under the slogan Por ser mujeres. España feminista (Because of being women. Feminist Spain.) These events will take place online until 24 March.

2. Feminist windows and balconies

In the case of Madrid, this is not only a recommendation, but the 8M demonstrations have been strictly forbidden.

In response to this ban, Feminismos Madrid has launched the campaign Mi ventana feminista (My feminist window). The campaign proposes to dress in purple the windows, balconies, terraces or gardens of the capital with purple banners, sheets with feminist phrases or any other protest motif.


In Valencia, women are being convened to participate in what is being called an inclusive colophon. In this way, they are asked to go out to their windows today at 8 PM to make noise in support of essential women workers.

3. Feminist films and series to watch on 8 March

Why not enjoy 8 March by learning about feminism through films and series? This is another great option to take time for yourself and learn at the same time. Platforms such as Amazon Prime Video offer series such as Good Girls Revolt or Lady Macbeth, which will inspire you and make you feel identified.

Besides, since last Friday, Netflix also offers the three-episode documentary series Nevenka, which shows the #MeToo and Yo sí te creo movements.

Choose the way you like the most, the one that most identifies with you or, simply, the one you feel like today. But don’t stop fighting, even if this year it has to be from home. Happy International Women’s Day 💜


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