During your international studies, it’s normal that you will want to visit other places within the country, or even the continent. However, there are weekends when we have so much to do and we can’t possibly just go away for a whole three days. Don’t worry though. There are a variety of places that are close enough for day trips that won’t break the bank, such as Aranjuez!

Aranjuez is one of these close towns that will help you with your first step to exploration, and you can do this all by using Madrid’s public transportation system! If you want to know more about travelling on public transport in Madrid, we have a whole post on it here.

Aranjuez has grown around the palace where the royal family used to spend the summer months and has so many beautiful gardens that are perfect for a one-day trip. If you’re looking for a famous place that will leave you exhausted after a day of exploration, then look no further! Sightseeing, monuments, and beautiful streets, all will be covered in this three-step guide to the royal town of Aranjuez.

1. Travel: Public Transportation

The Cercanías trains are a great way to travel around the community of Madrid. You can even use your transportation card that you use for the metro and buses!

First things first, we should probably tell you how to get to Aranjuez. You can either travel by car or by cercanías train, but without a doubt the cercanías is the easiest way for you. It would only take 40 minutes or so from Atocha station (connected to line 1 on the metro), so you will be there in no time.

2. Monuments: The Royal Palace of Aranjuez

Discover the hidden sculptures, get in touch with nature and don’t feed the ducklings!

The Royal Palace of Aranjuez was established when King Felipe II moved from the then capital, Toledo, to Madrid, and thus became one of the four seasonal seats of the Spanish government. It was a place that was home to the ratification of international treaties as well as the deaths of several members of the royal family. As you can hopefully see, this place Is packed with history and is heaven for those yearning for the perfect Instagram travel photo. The Palace is definitely a recommended sight to see!

3. Food and Drink: Bar de Pikoteo

After a walk in the gardens, it’s best to enjoy some homemade spanish cooking. Get ready for tapas, sangria and try their own cheesecake!

When you need somewhere to rest your feet and grab a bite to eat, Pikoteo should be your first choice. It’s great if you’re looking for a place with simple décor and traditional Spanish food that is value for money. There’s no doubt that Pikoteo is one of the biggest hotspots in town!

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