There are a variety of ways to travel around Madrid, but one of the fastest has to be the metro. Many of us come to Madrid to study or work and we may be lucky to live close enough to walk. However, many of us live further away. So, I know what you’re all thinking; how can I get to the university (or the office) as quickly as possible so I don’t have to leave my flat until the very last minute? Well here it is, a little guide for just that. The metro is a fast mode of public transport to get around the city you will call your home.

Don’t get comfortable

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first. Remember, many people use the metro on a daily basis and it can get really busy, especially during rush hour. The metro is infamous for pickpockets, so it is important to stay vigilant at all times. We have heard many stories from students that have been unlucky enough to have their phone or wallet stolen on the metro. However, if you are wary you will be safe!

Be patient

There’s going to be moments where you’re going to be packed like a can of sardines in the carriages during rush hour. But, try not to worry! Of course it might seem daunting at first. You just have to remember that the majority of people that surround you are pretty much experts. They might have been doing this for months or even years. After a few trips, you are bound to get the hang of it too. Just be patient!

Plan your trip in advance

If you are new to the Madrid metro system, you may already know and may have already used a few apps to find public transportation routes, but in Madrid the natives use other apps find their way around if they get lost. The regular Google or Apple Maps apps are a great place to start, but, the official metro app is also great to plan a route. If you plan on just travelling via the metro, you can plan your route there. It even has options to include bus routes if you don’t feel like spending the entire journey underground.

Your experience in Madrid’s Metro is just one step away. To finally take it, visit our website.


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