A house is never just a house. There are countless elements that create and maintain our homes as we want them to be. That why we are so grateful when we wake up, comfortably, in our nook or mothership -to each, each own imagination. And that is why we want to keep it in one piece and, if possible to stay the way it is without paying more for it. There are some simple sustainable habits to reduce the affliction and the bill that comes constant and punctually.

Savings, savings and savings

The pieces architectures envied among experts are the ones that need the caring and less energy to function. A reform that resolves structural problems can save you a lot of future problems.

Reducing the electricity bill

Other od the sustainable habits is to use LED light bulbs that consume less electricity. Buy a replacement batch to substitute when the ones you have stop working. Then, when you do need to change them you will have them and you will be able to save more than 80% in the light bulb consumption. Another way of reducing electric consumption is avoiding multiple socket extensions. The light-up buttons on them make up from 7 to 11% on the total electricity bill.

External isolation

Covering small breaches of air or improving door and windows enclosures can reduce the heating consumption by 20%. During warm seasons, a good isolation will also keep the coolness inside the house. Decorating the house with curtains and carpets will create a homey space and will keep the heat within the rooms. When in summertime, you can put them away so that they don’t warm the space up too much.

A good heating system

Keeping the heating system clean and not blocked by furniture makes the house temperature as warm as possible. The heat can expand evenly through the different rooms. Before starting the heat system again in autumn, it’s best to open the radiators or AC completely to purge any gas that could have formed while not being used.

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