My family moved to Prosperidad when I was six. Almost all my memories have been spent in one of the winding streets or the sandy parks – sandier than I wanted as a teenager – that make up the hill covered by the neighbourhood. Now, Prosperidad is for seeing my school friends, walks with my father and glasses of white wine with my mother. I know it inside out and, just now, this information seems interesting for someone else. If you’re ready to discover a new side of Madrid, I’m ready to show you. Get ready to have some beers and tapas in Prosperidad.

The Thirty Three Irish Pub

This Irish pub is known in the area for its well-curated selection of imported beers. If you’re looking for some good beer then this can definitely be the place, especially for those who miss the pub atmosphere at home (one of our team is British and knows that feeling). Our recommendation is the Bulmer’s Irish cider with ice, but you can always order a bucket with four beers or drinks. If you finish all four beers, the fifth one is free! What’s better than free drinks?

La Junta Bar

This terrace is located right next to the National Auditorium of Music in Prosperidad. The square of Sagrado Corazón de Jesús (translated to Sacred Heart of Jesus) represents the spirit of hanging around with friends in the afternoon sun and the menu here has some of the most traditional dishes in the city. Because it is in the residential area of Prosperidad, you will share the bar with locals, and you know it will be the best!

La Manjería

The street where this bar is located has become an area to go drink a beer with friends, especially amongst the locals. This bar in particular has been open for more than a decade and the dish we recommend, the tostas, are definitely a must. La Manjería is the perfect place to fully immerse yourself in the Spanish culture, beers and tapas in Prosperidad.


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