Valencia has traditionally been an attractive place for tourists, students and entrepreneurs. The demand for rental housing in the city varies according to economic, tourism and social factors. Factors such as special events, festivals or even overall economic conditions can influence the availability and prices of rental housing.

In addition, as a traditional tourist city, the availability of short-stay accommodations, such as tourist apartments or temporary rentals, can affect the supply of housing for medium- and long-term rentals. Some landlords prefer to target the tourist market rather than commit to long leases.

The city is currently experiencing a moment of economic growth. In 2023, the creation of companies in the Valencian Community experienced a growth of 11.4% compared to the previous year. This figure is three points above the average for the rest of the country.

The boom in the local economy and the increase in the business fabric in the autonomous community, and mainly in its capital, Valencia, means a growth in population and directly affects the demand for rental housing. Gentrification and urban development are also factors that can influence the dynamics of the rental market. This is why finding suitable accommodation in Valencia nowadays becomes a complicated task.

Our experience as entrepreneurs

Last January 2023, Lodgerin was selected to participate in the Lanzadera Startup Acceleration Program.

Lanzadera is a startup accelerator created by Juan Roig, CEO of the well-known Mercadona, and located in the Marina de Empresas, in the port of Valencia. It is a platform designed to support the projects of leading entrepreneurs in Spain and Portugal and thus generate value for society through a solid business model.

During the months of the program, our CEO, Óscar Rubio, saw the need to move from Madrid to the Mediterranean city to make the most of the experience. However, it was not easy. During the first few weeks he had to travel between the two cities because it was impossible to find a medium-stay accommodation that suited his needs.

But Oscar’s problem was not an isolated one. All the entrepreneurs from outside Valencia who found themselves in Lanzadera had the same difficulties in renting part-time accommodation in the city.

Teamwork: the best solution for entrepreneurs

Knowing firsthand the situation, we at Lodgerin have decided to help all these entrepreneurs in their arduous search for accommodation in the Valencian capital. Over the years, Lodgerin has collaborated with various entities, both business and educational, providing assistance to professionals and students from all over the world to find the ideal accommodation during their experience abroad.

Thanks to Lodgerin, Lanzadera entrepreneurs will be able to find their mid-term accommodation more easily. On our platform, you will be able to choose the location, budget, characteristics and type of accommodation that best suits your needs. Our agents are in charge of verifying accommodations exclusively chosen for you, guaranteeing at all times the reliability and security of Lodgerin.

If you wish to live alone, you can choose between an apartment all to yourself or a studio, where you can enjoy your personal space and privacy. On the other hand, if you want to share accommodation with your team, or with other Lanzadera colleagues, you can choose a shared apartment or a coliving accommodation. Here you will enjoy the common areas, where you can live and work in community, but without giving up the privacy of your room.

In addition, we know firsthand the hectic routine of the entrepreneurs who enter the Lanzadera program, so the entire booking process is completely digital, thus avoiding unnecessary visits to the properties, signing the contract in the office, and so on. You will be able to see your complete accommodation on our website and sign your contract digitally.

Discover all the accommodations that are waiting for you in Valencia!


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