Barcelona is a city full of charm, very cosmopolitan and cozy. It’s a city for all tastes, since each neighbourhood is totally different from the rest. Therefore, everybody find their place in Barcelona.

Next, we´re going to talk about the Gothic Neighbourhood. This neighbourhood is located in the district of Ciudat Vella, in the centre of the city. It´s the oldest neighbourhood in Barcelona, with and excepcional charm. Walking its streets transports you to medieval times, feeling part of it, thanks to its architecture and its art. The medieval streets, which form a small maze, form a vibrant and authentic setting.

What to see in the Gothic Neighbourhood

It´s true taht is a tourist neighbourhood. If what you want is to walk through this neighbourdhood, we recommended you that it be late in the afternoon, since it won´t be too crowded. Now, if you want to enter buildings and churches, you have to do it during the day.

This is a list os essentials in the Gothic Neighbourhood:

  • Santa Eulalia Cathedral: a gothic cathedral built during the XIII y XV centuries.
  • Sant Jaume Square: it has a great value, although its origin dates back to the early XIX century.
  • Rey Square: it´s a square surrounded by Gothic and Renaissance buildings. A curious fact of this square is that in 1492, on the stairs of the entrance of The Royal Palace, Kind Fernando II of Aragon suffered and intention of murder attemp by a pleasant.
  • Jewish Neighbourhood: there is one of the oldest synagogues in Europe, that has been restored and opened to the public.
  • Santa María del Mar Basilic: It´s worth visiting and imbue yourself with the atmosphere it gives of. It´s a 14th century cathedral, and has given its name to a very important book of a Spanish writter (La Catedral del Mar, Idelfonso Falcones).

Where to eat in the Gothic Neighbourdhood

We offered you a variety restaurant list for all tastes:

  1. Bar la Plata: tapas place you won´t regret. Their famous dish is the fried fish. The prices are around 10-15 euros. And it´s located on Mercé Street, 28.
  2. Manná Gelats: if what you want is a cold ice cream to overcome the heat in Barcelona, we recommend this ice cream shop; located in Carrer dels Bannys Nous, 22.
  3. Pizzeria Da Nanni Barcelona: according to many, the best pizza in Barcelona is found in this restaurant at the Llibreteria Street 10.
  4. Bodega Biarritz: place where you can find big tapas, it´s located at Vidre Street 8.

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