When renting your apartment to students, you have to know that, there are a few needs that have to be covered. As owners, we want our tenants to be comfortable in their new home, and therefore we have take special care with a few aspects when choosing furniture or when dealing with them.

Here is a guide to all of the handy tricks and furniture you can add to your property, and therefore will improve the quality of your tenants’ stays without a doubt!


It’s an indispensable requirement for the students to have a good night’s rest. Itss important to invest in a comfortable bed in which students can rest after their long study sessions.


The desk is the place in the house where students, probably, will spend the majority of their time. What they are the students looking for regarding their study? That the table has an adequate size to spread all their notes during exam time and, above all, an ergonomic chair in which to spend a lot of time sitting. It is very important that the chair is suitable for studying (it is recommended not to use the dining room chairs as a replacement for the study chairs) Ideally, it should have a backrest and armrests and that the heigh and inclination can be adjusted according to the needs of the students.


Another aspect to be considered is the amount of storage space of each bedrooms. Students that are going to study outside need to storage clothes from different seasons of the year, so it’s important that the wardrobes have a good size. As we’ve said before, international students will have lots of notes and study material, so the shelves are also much appreciated by them.


It is important that the house is equipped with many plugs in different rooms of the house. This will allow students to have all their electronic devices connected when they need it.

Maps and guides

This is aimed more at international students, as it can be a bit daunting when they arrive in a new city/country. We at SGR prepare a welcome pack, maps of the city and a guide with different plans to do. It costs nothing, and is definitely something they will appreciate!

Owner/Agency Attention

The attention that tenants receive from the owners is an indispensable requirement, not only for the students, even though anyone that wants to rent your house. During the rental, it could be problems that have to be resolve and, the owner have to know all the problems and be in contact with the tenants. That is, there has to be good communication.

And here the list of essential requirements for students. Now, if you want to rent your house easily and safely you can do it in our wesite.





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