Madrid is a city with an amazing number of things to do. However, it must be said that the café culture is constantly growing. There’s actually so many here that it may be hard for you to focus on the best of the best. But don’t worry! We have compiled a list of the top cafes in the fabulous city of Madrid.

Hanso Café

We covered this café when we spoke about Malasaña, but we think it’s so good that we needed to tell you about it again. Essentially, this coffee shop in the heart of the neighbourhood is the perfect place for international students to have a relaxed brunch or enjoy a refreshing coffee during a study sesh. The delicious pastries are also a perfect (and affordable) accompaniment!

Pum Pum Café

A quintessential must is this café in the neighbourhood of Lavapiés. Every time you walk past this place, it is always filled to the brim with people and sometimes there is a queue outside. It’s that popular! The quite natural interior and exposed brick walls are perfect for a lover of the aesthetic. Their wide variety of heavy and light brunches are a great choice for everyone, and that’s why everyone goes!

Ruda Café

This cute coffee shop is tucked in a nook on a La Latina street. However, do not underestimate its size. Many people from here in Madrid and abroad come here for a morning pick-me-up. If you like coffees that pack a punch, then here is the place to go. Ruda is open from 8am, which is quite early for here in Madrid. It’s definitely a great way to start those early mornings.

Bicicleta Café

We’re pretty sure this café in Malasaña is always on the lips of all international students that come here to study. It is a cosy coffee shop that has many facilities for you to study. However, we have some advice for you here! It always gets busy so if you want to study, come during the mornings so you can grab the best seat!

Religion Speciality Coffee

A little further out of the centre, this coffee shop can be found in the neighbourhood of Salamanca, and it’s definitely worth the trip! Religion has a variety of freshly prepared foods including bagels and banana breads. But it doesn’t stop there! They also have a range of hot and cool drinks perfect for whatever the weather. It’s definitely a must!

Zenith Brunch & Cocktails

From far out of the centre, we now move to somewhere completely central. Just off Gran Via, Zenith is a fancy café/bar that is quintessential brunch place. From pancakes to eggs, Zenith covers many different dishes with many different topics. You can have something sweet or savoury – definitely something for every taste!

Plántate Café

Just like Pum Pum, this café has its home in Lavapiés and keeps the natural aesthetic. It may be a little smaller, but it keeps the cosy atmosphere. This is also matched with the cosy food – grilled cheese! This is one of the friendliest cafés in Madrid and this looks to be the case. This should definitely be on your list if you want a more than pleasant lunch.


In Madrid we are lucky to have federal in both Malasaña and La Latina. These areas definitely contain the top cafes. This modern and minimalistic café is always popular amongst students and professionals alike and is the perfect place to study. Federal has large spaces for those who need somewhere to work but be warned. This place is a laptop free zone during the weekends.


This café is situated just around the corner from Bicicleta in Malasaña but has a totally different vibe. Bicicleta has a wooden and natural aesthetic, but this place is kitschier. Yes, this still is decorated with lots of wood, but many comfy seats are dotted around. Who wouldn’t love sitting on a comfy sofa with a pink chai latte enjoying life? Exactly!

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