During your study abroad period, we’re certain won’t want to stay in the same place for the entire time. You will sure have the travel bug, especially if you have been to Aranjuez. That’s why Segovia is a great option! It’s just far enough away to take a day trip without the need to break the bank. Indeed, we will show you what you need to cover during a day trip to Segovia.

Segovia, located in the autonomous community of Castile and León, is a historic city that features many relics from ancient eras. However, over time it has been home to many civilizations originating all the way from the Ancient Roman period. Since 1985, Segovia’s old town has been declared a World Heritage site due to its large number of historic buildings. Amongst these buildings however, there is much more to see!

Travelling to Segovia

Before you can see the sites, we should probably tell you how to get there first. Segovia has a variety of travel methods, but the easiest is by the Renfe train. This is because it’s only a quick 25-minute journey. However, it’s important to note that once you get to Segovia’s train station, you must then catch the bus into the city centre. It will drop you right next to the aqueduct. Definitely make sure you catch this bus. You could be stuck for up to an hour waiting for another!

Segovia’s Aqueduct

Located in Azoguejo square, the aquedcut of Segovia is without a doubt the key landmark in the city. It dates back from as early as the 1st Century and is a masterpiece of Ancient Rome. It’s quite amazing to see as many structures such as this have been destroyed or remodeled over time. It is by far one of the extraordinary engineering accomplishments from that era.

Alcázar of Segovia

Segovia’s fortress lies on the edge of the city and overlooks the mountains in the distance. it is said to have started out as a Roman fort, but over time was rebuilt into the structure we see today. There’re so many rooms to see inside, and each one has its piece of history inside. It may cost a little extra, but on a clear day it may be worth going up to the tower. You are sure to get an amazing view of Segovia!

Plaza Mayor

If you’re exploring the streets of Segovia, you are sure to end up in Plaza Mayor. The city’s main square may not be as extravagant as in Madrid, but it feels very traditional. You’ll be able to rest in one of the many tapas restaurants that line the edges of the plaza. It is also home to the city’s ginormous cathedral; you won’t be able to miss it!

Segovia’s Signature Food

Maybe not a good idea for vegetarians, but Segovia is also home to some unique dishes. The ‘cochinillo’ is famous here! It is basically a dish consisting of a roast suckling pig. Don’t try finishing this all by yourself though. It’s so big, it’s impossible to do so! Combined with a good beer or sangria, you are sure to love the succulent meat with a crisp crust.

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