The neighbourhood of Retiro in Madrid get its name from the Madrid’s central park: Retiro. Normally people come to this neighbourhood for the park, and they would be right to do so! The Park has a mountain of things to do and we’re here to show you the best.

Visit some of Retiro’s greatest sites

Retiro has a rich history and some great sites to see. It seems obvious that we would suggest the famous Retiro park to visit when you are in the neighbourhood, but it really is a must see! The park was developed by the Spanish monarchs in the early 16th century and is now a popular tourist attraction. Stroll within its wonderfully green areas and admire the stunning lake. You can also stop in one of its cafes for some traditional churros with chocolate sauce.

Cristal Palace

Inside the park you will find this little gem. Designed in 1887, by Ricardo Velázquez Bosco, the crystal palace is a symbol of architectural excellence in Spain. Its glass and metal interior give a beautiful spacious interior and, although it is now mainly used for exhibitions, you can still visit on most days. Also, be sure to check out the lake outside and try and spot the tortoises!

Puerta de Alcalá

Built in 1778, by the famous architect Francesco Sabatini, this arch has become a classic staple of Madrid’s history. You will find this attraction just outside the northwest corner of the park. Of course, it is a must-see in Madrid!

Retiro Lake

Right in the centre of the park you will find the famous boating lake. Now this is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Obviously as you will see as soon as you get there, you can rent a rowboat at a very cheap price for almost an hour. It’s great to enjoy the Spanish sun whilst relaxing on one of these boats. Indeed, this is a must on your to do list.

Fountain of the Fallen Angel

This statue, originally created in plaster, was created by Ricardo Bellver in late 19th Century and managed to win first prize in the Exposiciones Nacionales de Bellas Artes in the same period. The statue was then cast in bronze and now sits upon a fountain within Retiro. It attracts many people who love to take photos of it, and you wouldn’t want to miss this too!

La Rosaleda

Near to the Fountain of the Fallen Angel, you can also find La Rosaleda. This garden, especially in the beginning of summer, has the most beautiful display of roses. It will make you feel like you’re in the royal gardens. It just feels so regal and calming. The garden was created by a previous mayor of Madrid who wanted to include something elegant within the park. Therefore, Cecilio Rodriguez was commissioned to design it. It’s definitely a must see.

There is a lot more to do in Madrid’s central park. Explore new corners in the Retiro park and discover which one is your favourite!

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