The exciting district of Chamberí is the posh neighbour of Malasaña and Salamanca. However, don’t let its class fool you. This neighbourhood is still home a variety of things that can be done! The district itself is split into seven smaller sections, but here you can find a holistic guide to our favourite things to do in the whole of Chamberí!

Impressive Sights

Universidad Pontificia Comillas

As a university that has worked closely with us over the years, it would be difficult to leave it out! The university fits right into Chamberí’s posh aesthetic. For example, it feels like a posh castle in the middle of the city. It is just as elegantly decorated on the inside with its trademark tiles on every wall. It’s so fancy, it even has its own church!

Cine Verdi

This old cinema has been open since the late 1950s and is one of the longest standing cinemas in Madrid. The old movies here are even shown with subtitles instead of being dubbed. And, if you need to wait around before your film, there’s plenty of places to stop for a drink all around! This cinema is perfect for those (rare) rainy days.

Anden 0

A classic staple of Chamberí, this is one of the most visited sites in the neighbourhood. Anden 0 is a former metro station which, abandoned in 1969, is now converted into a museum for Madrid’s underground. Indeed, this station will transport you back in time to the 1920s. This is a great place for history lovers!

Chamberí’s Best Restaurants

Panda Wok

If you are looking for something cheap but filling, this is the place to go. This tiny Chinese restaurant may seem underwhelming, but the food here is what draws people in. Likewise, the smiling face of the owner draws people in too! Especially if you are studying in Comillas, you will love this place because of its proximity – just across the road! This is definitely the place if you’re looking for some quick yet delicious food!

Kira Kira

Kira Kira is a Japanese restaurant located in Chamberí that offers all types of Japanese food. From ramen to sushi, it has it all! All of the food is freshly prepared and feels a little healthier. No typical Spanish cuisine here! The service is always very efficient, and prices are very reasonable – a great option whilst in Chamberí.

Clos Madrid

Okay, so we know you’re probably looking for something cheap and cheerful when it comes to your food choices. However, sometimes you may be looking for some extravagance. If that’s the case, we must suggest this insane restaurant. This decadent restaurant creates amazing dishes based on Spanish food but with an interesting twist. The presentation of the food is unbeatable and definitely worth the price for that Instagram aesthetic. You can always push the boat by trying the tasting menu at 55€ per person. This place is definitely for a special occasion!

Drink in the swanky bars


This cosy cocktail bar has an innovative way of drinking – you pay by weight. We know it sounds odd, but once you go, you’ll understand. The drinks are brought to the table and you make them yourself and at the end the bottle is weighted to see how much you have drunk. This means that you can control how much you drink and have fun doing it! It has a wonderful cosy interior and also offers a selection of tapas if you are feeling peckish.

In Dreams Cafe

This bustling bar definitely has unique décor. The neon lights and knickknacks hung on the walls make this café cosy enough to attract a crowd. They serve great cocktails and cheap drinks, making it the perfect place to go for a drink with a group of friends. It also has some great playlists so you and your friends can dance the night away!

The neighbourhood of Chamberí is one of the best, most exciting neighbourhoods in Madrid and we hope that this guide has helped you navigate it better!

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