As your move-in date to your student accommodation gets closer and closer (and arrives), you start asking yourself a million questions: How will my students accommodation and roommates be? Will your roomie’s mess penetrate your personal space bubble? Will your roommate be able to tolerate your less-than-normal sleeping habits? Most importantly, will you two become friends?

Unless you’re a lone wolf, you’ll definitely prefer to get to know your students accommodation and roommates. With our fun ways to bond with your new roomie, you may become as close as Monica and Rachel.

This are some questions that might help you both to get to know each other and become the best student accommodation roommates:

What are your cleaning habits? 

One person’s definition of “clean” can vary drastically from the next, which is why it includes a few questions around this subject. Do you make the bed each morning and put away the dishes every night? Which chores do you like and which ones do you loathe? Consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

What do you like to do on the weekends?

Asking this question helps you determine if you’ll end up spending your precious free time doing something you’d rather not—like having to vacate the apartment every Sunday a.m. while your roomie hosts brunch. This question also helps you learn whether the person is a homebody or the after-after party type, and parties don’t usually mix well with students accommodation and roommates.

Are you still friends with your old roommates? 

Here’s a question that’s designed to separate fact from fiction. Hopefully the answer will include at least a couple happy tales of lasting relationships.

What is your usual bedtime? 

If you feel awkward asking this question, don’t. The ideal situation is of course when you both turn in around the same time and have a similar wind-down routine.

What is your workday routine? 

When your work schedules coincide, however, it is helpful to ask what time the person wakes up and leaves for work. You’ll also want to find out what your a.m. routine looks like so you’re not competing for the toaster oven or shower.

You can also start doing some activities together like:

Volunteer together

After years of volunteering to beef up your college application, you made a riveting discovery: community service is fun. Honestly, is there anything better than helping out others?

Acknowledge your mutual love for food

Deny it all you want, but you love talking about food. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, midday snacks, dinner, dessert, midnight snacks – you love it all! So why not break the ice with food? You’ll stock up your fridge and learn whether your roomie likes red pepper hummus or not. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!

Create a bucket list for the year

Maybe you haven’t written an actual bucket list, but we both know that you have a plethora of things you want to accomplish this year. Sharing your mental bucket list with your roomie is a great way to break the ice. The two of you can write down your top 10 goals for the school year and post them on your fridge or door. For optimal bonding, make sure to support each other!

Remember to enjoy all the moments during your stay in the student accommodation as in your study abroad. It is a unique experience that is not repeated many times in life!

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