Are you going to become an international student? By the time you have been accepted to study abroad, there are so many things that must be organized. Among them, international travel insurance is one of the most important.

What is international student travel insurance

International travel insurance is insurance that protects you from the costs of an acciden or illness. Some of them also include other inconveniences that may arise during the trip.

Erasmus, language courses, exchanges… are common all over the world, but it’s important to know what possibility of medical care they have in each case. This insurance is mandatory in all these cases and one of the requirements that schools and educational centers will establish. Among its most important coverage is the possibility of a family member traveling in case of hospitalization or accident.

It does not matter that the period during which you are going to be away from home is only a few months. The important thing is to have the coverage that gives us the most peace of mind during your stay.

What should international student travel insurance include?

  • Repatriation: Among all the covers that guarantee international study travel insurance, the most important thing is that repatriation is specifically.
  • Baggage and delays: Compensation is guaranteed for loss or theft of checked luggage during the trip. At the same time, delays in transportation can also be compensated.
  • Medical assistance for students: One of the aspects that most concern students for long periods abroad is the one related to medical expenses.

This is why study travel insurance is especially recommended. Mostly in destination countries where there is no health agreement, or where medical expenses are very expensive. This is the case of the United States, Argentina, Cuba, Canada, Mexico, Peru or Colombia.

Another important aspect is the possibility of a possible hospitalization in company. When you have to enter a hospital in the destination country, the insurance covers the cost of a family member.

For more information, you can inquire at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The embassy of the destination country have also information about international travel insurance for students.

Many insurance companies offer a standard student travel insurance plan apart from their customized plans. This is perfect you encounter unpleasant experiences such as an accident or any injury. In a foreign country, a comprehensive student medical insurance would be of great help. 

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