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Open a bank account in Spain as a foreign can be a little bit complicated because of the required documents, depending of the bank you choose, etc. That is why we want to help you with the process.

In Lodgerin we make it simple for you, we will do all the process of creating your bank account. This is one of the most important steps, after finding your student accommodation abroad, when you are going to study abroad.

The documents and requirements are depending on the each situation. At the same time, each bank has its own requirements and documents necessary to open an account. In addition, it will also depending on if you are a resident or non-resident. In this post we will explain you each of these situations.

Open Bank Account
Open Bank Account

The main difference between resident and non-resident is taxation. If you work you have to make the income statement, so you are automatically a resident. If you only come to Spain to study, it would be the case of a non-resident, since you have nothing to declare fiscally.

As a Resident

The first thing to consider is the documents that banks require when a person resident in Spain want to open a bank account.

If you do not know any of these requirements, find out how to comply. The basic requirements to open a bank account as a resident are:

  • ID card.
  • Labor Contract.
  • The last payrolls collected.
  • The last income statements or the quarterly VAT payment. 

Once you know these requirements, you can proceed to the next step.

This next step is to find the bank that best suits your needs. It’s possible that each bank ask you for different documents.

There is a probability that you have to go to the bank you want to open your account and ask for more information. 

Spain Bank Account

The required documents change according to the bank, but the most common documents they usually ask for are:

  • Your Passport or ID card in case you are from the European Union. Both valid and without expiration.
  • Your Spanish NIE number. The NIE is the Foreigner Identity Number. This number will be necessary for any official process.
  • A document that certifies your domicile in Spain, such as a lease, padron, recent bank statement, etc. This document may be the one given by the owner of your student room.
  • A document that proves your main employment status. It can be an employment contract, a student card or a document that provides proof that you are unemployed.
Open a Bank Account in Spain

As Non-resident

To open a bank account as a non-resident in Spain it is necessary to have the certificate of non-resident.

To obtain the certificate of non-residence it is necessary to go to the consulate or to any office of the National Police and obtain the certificate. Do not forget to bring the passport. This is the main requirement of banks for non-residents.

You must remember as well that in SGR we could do this process for you, and you do not have to spend your time on this. The required documents, as we have said before, depend on the bank that you want to open the account.

So we suggest, first contact the bank for more information about the documents that you have to fill, in order to open the bank account.  The documents that banks usually ask for are:

  • Passport and ID card if you are from the European Union. Both documents must be valid and not expired.
  • A document to certify your address, can be from a bank statement to an invoice. This document may be the one we give you when you rent your room for students.
  • A document that certifies your current job. For example: a payroll, a document that provides proof that you are unemployed or a student card.
  • Certificate of Non-Resident.

Keep in mind that both resident and non-resident documents must be in Spanish. In case it is not, it will not be accepted. If you have these documents in English, you need to go to an official translator and seal the translation.

Opening a bank account in Spain is a complicated process. That is why, in SGR we can do it for you. So you don’t have to worry about anything just to live your experience study abroad. 


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