When you arrive in a new city there are always many procedures to perform and documents to deliver, like Padron and Subjects Validations. The first thing the people use to search is an international student studio or rooms for rent.

However, are many other procedures that are important. Among these procedures are: search for a student accommodation, how much is the retailer of flats, if you are looking for temporary accommodation or not, if you want an apartment rental for months, etc.

One of these procedures is the Municipal Register. Below we will give all possible data about the padron in Spain and the support that Students Global Relocation can give to you.

What is Padrón in Spain?

The Municipal Register in Spain is where people who usually live in an accommodation list in a administrative register. It must be the habitual residence in which you reside. In case it is a temporary accommodation (tourism), it will not be necessary to register.

All the registration process must be carried out directly with the local government of the Municipality where you are going to live. This process can be done in very different ways.

The traditional way is face-to-face, going to the Office of Attention to Citizenship, although it is not the most recommended way, since there are other options much more comfortable. These options are online registration, by phone or by mail.

Currently the most common way to perform this procedure is online registration. This method is the fastest way to obtain the registration document.

In the case of registering by phone, you must call the number corresponding to the City Council (in the case of Madrid at 010 or 915 298 210 if calling from outside the city).

Finally, carry out the process by postal mail. It is about sending the necessary data by mail to the corresponding City Council. In the case of Madrid to the following address: C / Augusto Figueroa nº 36, 1st pl. – 28004 Madrid.


Padron- Municipal Register in Spain

What is the Padrón in Spain for?

Municipal Register is very useful as it provides many advantages and no disadvantages. It is a process that is common free, although some municipalities charge for this procedure.

Regarding the advantages that the registration provides, the longer you are staying in a municipality, the more useful it is to apply to enter the register.

In Spain it is mandatory to register when there is intention to live in that accommodation indefinitely. It is the same if the address in which you are living is a monthly contract accommodation or the purchase of the home. In both cases, the procedure must be the same.

The advantages it brings are the following:

  • Apply for residence and works license.
  • Right to request the health care card
  • School enrollment of children
  • It is required for the validation of the driving license.
  • Use of all municipal services: library, swimming pool, sports centers, etc.
  • Procedures inherent to foreigners

This whole process can be managed by Students Global Relocation, in which we not only manage the registration, also track the situation.

Padron- Municipal Register in Spain

Required documentation

Regarding the necessary documentation, these are basic and simple information to obtain. So it is not a process that requires a lot of data from the applicant. These are 3 or 4 documents according to the applicant:

  • Individual or Collective Registration Form. Form that each City Council gives you to fill out to request the registration.
  • Photocopy and Original Passport.
  • Photocopy and Original of the Accommodation Rental Contract. An authorization signed by the homeowner is valid, in case yo do not have a rental contract.
  • If you have children, you must present a photocopy and the original passport of each of them, and the family book.

Finally, conclude that the Padron in Spain is a mandatory process. Furthermore, this proccess is very beneficial for residents, because it provide you multiples advantages.

Having to deliver very basic documents and obtain so many advantages makes it a very attractive process.

We also give you information about what students need when they go to study in other countries. If you like to travel to new cities in Spain we recommend Barcelona. However, if you have already visited the best cities in Spain, we recommend Rome.


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