Many students look for student flats with different characteristics and decorations.These characteristics are usually such as proximity to the university, price or public transport.

Apart from these characteristics there is one that is essential to rent your students rooms as a owner: decoration. Here are 7 decoration tips for student accommodations:

1. Optimize the space

If any adjective reflects what a student floor is its size, it is usually quite small. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do not waste even 1 centimeter of the accommodation.

This does not mean that you should decorate the student room excessively. What it means is that any possibility of storage must be exploited within a consistent aesthetic.

An example of optimizing the space is to place in the living room a large bookcase with many gaps. In this way each tenant can contribute to the decoration and they will feel at home.

Students Room

2. Take advantage of what you find on the street to give a different touch to your student accommodation

They must be objects in good condition.

In addition to cleaning them, you must give them your touch to match the rest of the floor.

For example: a pallet that you are in the street. You give it varnish, you paint it a color, you put it 4 legs and you already have a table for the living room!

Another example is traffic signs. They are a classic in the rents of students studio apartments. It is not necessary to take them from the street. There are many companies that make replicas to decorate the accommodations.

3. Something very important is the feeling of spaciousness

Student apartments tend to be quite small in space.

Making a decoration that feels spacious is something important. Not only in order to take the picture and increase the demand of your apartment.

Also for students to feel at home. Remember that a good experience in your home generates good reviews. Good reviews generate more demand.

So if you have a good students rooms, profitability is assured.

Students Room Decoration

 4. You must provide what is necessary

Provide the necessary and basic appliances.

You must remember that you are renting apartments for students. They don’t need too many luxuries. They only need what they consider necessary.

Among these things are: microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, modern television, heating, kitchen, Wifi

With these elements a student can live perfectly. You do not need more.

Some people focus on completing their home to the fullest and the investment is not reflected. For example, buying a dryer or all kitchen utensils that exist are not essential things for a student.

5. Paint the walls in neutral and light colors

It is a subject that has a lot to do with the breadth of space.

It is proven that neutral and light colors create the illusion that space is larger. Although amplitude is not gained literally, the feeling is different.

In addition, painting your house of colors of this hue causes a reduction in risk. Future tenants may feel rejection towards other stronger or different colors.

More neutral colors usually cause much less rejection than stronger colors.

It is not essential that the paint be white. There are other colors that cause the same feeling, such as a light blue or a light gray.

Decoración pisos para estudiantes

6. Decoration following the same line

While it is true that many student flats are small, there are other flats that are very large. This advice is intended for both types.

It is about student accommodation following a linearity in terms of decoration. Each room must be different from the rest, but without losing a series of features.

For example, the painting of the room, the colors of the furniture and the bed, etc. It is about each room being different, but at the same time it is known that it is the same floor.

7. Organize and Clean

Finally one of the most basic but most important tips.

It’s about organizing everything in the most beautiful way possible and cleaning the entire floor.

Is not he funniest task, but the image that gives a poorly organized or dirty room is not good at all.

It is useless to have a flat with many appliances, or very nice if it is not organized or clean.

It must always be clean and organized, but there are 2 more important moments.

The first moment is in direct contact with people who are interested in the flat. When renting a flat for students, at Students Global Relocation we suggest that everything is correct in any contact with the client.

The second moment is when making the photos to upload them on our Website. Having good photos that attract the attention of the students makes the demand rise.

Think that it is the first impression that customers have. So if the photos are not corrected it will be more complicated to find tenants.

In addition to cleaning, we suggest that the photos be taken from angles where you see the entire room and from the perspectives that improve the room.

To conclude, say that if you follow these 7 recommendations, the demand for your students rooms will increase for sure. It’s about giving students what they want. Mainly they are basic and simple things. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions.

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