Moving out is complicated; not only for the trip but for the adaptation to the new city. If you´re an student, the thing can be complicated when trying to save. The adaptation process starts from when you are looking for an apartment to stay in until ypu know how to move by public transport or choose a supermarket where you can buy cheap food.

Even knowing that there can be a series of difficulties in your process of adaptation to the new city, we will always encourage you, since being able to live outside during your studies is a unique experience. In the case of MAdrid, it has always been said that it is an expensive city and, they are right, but there are always tricks that help you to save. Next, we are going to give you a series of tips that will help you live in Madrid:

Free culture and museums

Visiting museums in Madrid as a student is free at any time and day, for example, at the Museo del Prado, one of the most famous museums in Spain. Normally all mudeums have a schedule in which admission is free. You can see the schedukes in the official websites of the museums.

Save time

Apps to save time: in Madrid the distances are very long and, many days, you will spend away from home all day. Therefore, there are apps like Glovo that will help you run errands and save time. If, for example, you need to order food to class or to the office they will bring it to you quickly. They can also bring you things from home: just someone who is in your house gives it to a delivery man and he takes it wherever you are.

Compare prices

It is very important when you arrive in a new city, go to several supermarkets to choose the foods that come out at the best price. A good option in Madrid is to make the purchase in the markets with fresh products since you can find food at a good price.


Bars with free tapas

Drink+free tapa: in Madrid tapas are very famous but, you don´t always have to pay for them. There are many bars where you pay for the drinks and they give you a tapa. La Petisqueira, El Tigre, El Lagar, El Respiro are some bars with free tapas.

Public transport

Transportation in Madrid works by metro and bus. Both services are very fast and effective. Of course, we must bear in mind that traffic in Madrid can make certain distances not worth doing them by bus. If you are under 26, it is worth taking the monthly card. Signing up costs 4 euros and, you pay 20 euros per month and you can make all the trips you want by subway, bus and cercanias.

Madrid gargabe service

When you are already seated in an apartment where you will be staying during your stay, you have to take into account the Madrid gargabe service. There are usually no containers on the street but each block of flats has its own containers that are placed at night on the street and that is when you have to lower the garbage.

Move by car

If you want to save time to travel on the outskirts of Madrid you can take a rental car for minutes with companies such as Car2go, Wible or Zity.

Renting a flat

It depends on the area or neighborhood you choose, you can increase the rental price. You already know that you can count on us on our website. We will offer different options so you can choose which one best suits your needs. We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.


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