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Nowadays working conditions have changed. We have gone from the typical closed-door office to spaces where the atmosphere is more relaxed and pleasant. Listening to your favorite music while having a good coffee and a snack at the same time you work is a real pleasure. Thanks to coworking this is a reality! And, for this reason, in this article we discover you nice coworking spaces in Barcelona.

What does coworking refer to? 

Many of today’s professions that are carried out using a mobile device can be done almost anywhere. To this we add that, due to the health contingency that we have overcome, many people have worked from home, through the already the well-known teleworking. However, it is necessary to get out of there, to be in another space, physically away from home and the traditional work centers. This is where coworkin iis born. 

In this digital world, where every day we incorporate new technologies into our daily lives, coworking is becoming an option that more and more people are accessing. It is not only about the new generations, but it can also be very enjoyable -and even necessary- for older generations. 

Coworking, then, refers to sharing a space with other professionals, from freelancers to entrepreneurs. There, it is possible to have an internet connection, computer-or bring your tablet or laptop- and even enjoy an atmosphere similar to that of a coffee shop. 

Of course, there are coworking spaces of different types and for all tastes. 

What are the best coworking spaces in Barcelona? 

Working remotely from home is no longer the favorite option for many, as it is necessary to separate work from home. So it is preferable to choose a coworking space in Barcelona that is adaptable to your needs. Whether you are an entrepreneur, digital nomad or remote worker is an alternative that you will like a lot, especially if you are a student or young professional. 

For those who come from abroad, either temporarily or for a long time, finding a coworking space in Barcelona can be complicated. Going to a coffee shop is not always a good option, nor is going to a totally dreary place. On the other hand, when you are in an open space, well-lit, with cool people, with different workspaces, you feel at ease. It can be a table with chairs to be with your closest collaborators, or an individual space in front of a computer, or perhaps a comfortable sofa with a mouse table. 

Lodgerin: amazing coworking and coworking spaces in Barcelona 

We are a young company that for almost a decade we have been specializing in personalized services for living abroad. We offer the best services for foreign students and professionals in Barcelona. A perfect accommodation for students, as well as the best advice to offer accompaniment in the mobility they require. And when it comes to coworking spaces in Barcelona, we have what you need. 

We have exclusive and secure spaces to choose, from a room exclusively for you (or accompanied by whoever you choose) with all the services, to a coworking space to develop professionally. For more information, contact us through our website by filling out the form available with all your details. We will contact you as soon as possible. 

Enjoy this experience to the fullest! 



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