The holidays are approaching and, with them, travel. Whether it’s because you’re going home for Christmas or because you’re taking advantage of the vacations to visit somewhere else, you’re going to have to pack your suitcase. Many times, facing this moment of packing the suitcase generates anxiety and rejection. We do not know what to put in the suitcase and, worst of all, we do not know how to organize it so that everything fits. That’s why, in today’s post we’ll show you some tricks to pack your suitcase efficiently 

Professional tips  

We are going to give you a series of tips to organize your suitcase like a real professional:  

  • Place shoes and hard objects on the edges of the suitcase.  
  • Protect fragile items with other clothes.   
  • Place the heaviest items at the bottom of the suitcase to give it as much stability as possible. 

Don’t fold your clothes, roll them up 

Rolling your clothes will not only save space, but will also make your clothes less wrinkled 

Put scented wipes in your suitcase  

Putting scented wipes in your suitcase will make all your clothes smell good. This is especially important when traveling long distances and across several cities or countries 

Pack your suitcase wisely  

Remember to take into account everything you need for air travel. If you are carrying an electronic item, remember to always carry it in your carry-on bag. Also remember to have your passport handy in your bag or in one of the outside pockets of your suitcase 

From Lodgerin we wish you a Merry Christmas and hope that from now on you will pack your suitcase efficiently!  

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