We know that having your apartment rented to students or young professionals is sometimes a headache. Do I rent my apartment as a whole or by rooms? How is it more comfortable? How is it more profitable? These are questions that any accommodation owner usually asks himself at the beginning. As you may already know, in Lodgerin you can do it as you prefer, either to market your entire apartment, or to do it by rooms. That’s why, in today’s post we introduce you to our new partner Nester, which, regardless of the way you have chosen to market your apartment, helps you to split the payments and make everything more comfortable.

What is Nester?  

It is a real estate software that allows owners to manage their properties quickly and easily through its different functionalities. It is an option that many owners choose to be able to live carefree knowing that the software manages tasks for them.   

Rent-Split service  

Nester’s Rent-Split functionality is the one that allows you to split the payments of a property. That is, thanks to this service you will not need to rent your accommodation by rooms. Even if you have rented your entire apartment to a group of students who already know each other and come together to the apartment, you will be able to split the payments for each of them.   

Other Nester services  

We want to show you more of the utilities offered by this software so that you can really see its usefulness and save time.   

One of the biggest problems when it comes to managing the charges involved in renting out your property is knowing what to do with the security deposit. When you rent your apartment with Lodgerin, as the owner, you become directly responsible for the tenantssecurity deposit. Sometimes this can be a tedious task, but with Nester and its additional Security Deposit and Guarantee service you will be able to automate the deposit with the corresponding public administration.   

In addition, Nester supports SEPA, card and more, so you can always adapt to international payment methods.   

With Nester you can get control of profitability, complete automation of all documentation, all your documents organized and secure in a Cloud platform, etcetera. 

Rent your accommodation with Lodgerin and manage it with Nester  

Renting your property with Lodgerin is the easiest thing in the world. All you have to do is upload your property to the website, indicate all its features and add good quality photos. Once your property is shown on our website, it is only a matter of days before you find a tenant.   

And to make the rental management easier, remember that you can count on Nester 

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