The idea of arriving in an unknown city is always scary, however, it will only be a matter of days. You will soon get used to it and make new friends living in a new country. It’s normal for you to feel a little lost and out of place, don’t worry! In this post, we will give you some tips on 3 things you should do in your first week living in another country.

1. Get to know the places in your new city

Identify your university, study center or workplace, and your new home. Having both directions, you can trace the path forever. Use applications like Google Maps to find your addresses of interest. Try to do it before your arrival so that, when you are in your new city, you already know what your neighborhood or university is like. This will make it easier for you to start locating yourself in your new space-time more quickly.

Look for essential places. Identify places of interest near your accommodation, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, medical centers, restaurants, or cafes. Search within the nearby options which ones have better reviews on Google and choose your favorites living in another country.

When you arrive in your new city, don’t be afraid to go exploring at your leisure. Especially walking, this way you can start to know the most important places. Search for free walking tours or identify through the internet which is the great monuments/places of interest that you have always wanted to see in your new city.

2. Get a new sim card 

It is essential that you have good internet access to communicate easily with your family and friends when you arrive at your new destination. Find out which mobile phone companies operate in your new country. 

In most cases, you can buy a sim card that has a prepaid plan with internet coverage and calls. For Europe, we recommend that you get a plan that includes roaming in the European Union. Thus, if you travel within the zone, despite being in another country, you can continue to use your mobile phone as normal. 

3. Create a bank account

The most important thing to start this process is to contact your bank in the country of origin. You will need to unlock the option to make international transactions. With just this, you can start using your account abroad, living in another country, without headaches.

Then, start researching which banks have a branch in your new city, and which ones offer the best facilities to international students or young people. Remember to check that the fees are not high and that the documentation they ask for is flexible.

Keep in mind that in some places, you will be asked to register your residence or register before opening a bank account. Therefore, it is vitally important to consult the necessary documentation in each bank.

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