At this point of the year, the academic course is about to end and, those of you who are going on Erasmus, already have your destinations assigned for next year. If this is your case and your Erasmus destination for next year is Florence, today’s post is of interest to you. We tell you how much it costs to live in Florence and we show you the average price of different products and services so you know how much money you will need during your stay in the Italian city. Let’s go there!

Basic necessities  

We have good news for you and that is that Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, but not one of the most expensive. Renting a room in a shared apartment will cost you approximately the same as in cities like Madrid and Barcelona. That is, between 450 and 550 euros per month. Shared water and electricity costs will be around 50 or 60 euros per month per person

On the other hand, food prices in supermarkets are similar to prices in Spain. Therefore, doing a monthly grocery shopping for one person will generally cost you no more than 150 euros.    


The price of a monthly public transport pass in Florence is 38 euros. If you prefer to use your private vehicle, you should know that the current price of a liter of gasoline in Florence is between 1.80 and 1.90 euros. In addition, the price of a cab ride will be approximately 2 euros per kilometer.  


From here is when we talk about the expenses more on a whim and that, therefore, will involve the money you are willing to spend. Now, we are going to guide you a little on the prices of these activities so you can make an estimate of what it will cost you to go out in Florence.  

Going to the movies on a normal day will cost you about 8 euros per person. If after the cinema you would like to go to dinner in a bar or restaurant in an area of Florence that is not in the city center, dinner will cost around 15 euros per head. If, on the other hand, you prefer to spend less money and dine in a fast food chain, the menu in this type of establishments will be around 8 euros per person.  

In addition, if you want to go out for a drink on any given day, half a liter of beer in a bar will cost around 5 or 6 euros and, if you prefer to have something more elaborate, a drink or cocktail will cost between 10 and 15 euros. As an additional fact for smokers, a pack of cigarettes is usually priced similarly to the price in Spain. That is, depending on the brand of tobacco, between 5 and 6 euros.  

We hope we have helped you to calculate what your expenses will be during your next year in Florence. Remember that in Lodgerin you can find your perfect accommodation to make the most of your stay away from home.  

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