What is it like to move and live in Lisbon? What are the best neighborhoods to live in Lisbon? Student residence or better rental apartment? If you are thinking of studying in Lisbon, in this post we clarify all your doubts about: looking for accommodation in a shared flat, the Erasmus situation in Lisbon 2020, the cost of living and much more. Why Lisbon is the best city to live?

If you have been to Lisbon before, you will understand perfectly why more and more students choose it as an Erasmus destination or simply decide to move there. Lisbon has recently been considered the best city to study according to the Ambr Eyewear ranking.

Accommodation in Lisbon 

Lisbon is one of the main Erasmus destinations in Europe and is also a leader in student accommodation. The city offers more than 72 student residences. Apart from the student residences in Lisbon, if you want more independence, we recommend that you look for a room in a shared apartment. To give you an idea, a shared room costs from 200 euros, depending on the area.

An easy way to start is by comparing prices. You can take a look at the new accommodations available in Lisbon from Students Global Relocation: modern, bright, oh and with a terrace. Find them here 

Erasmus Situation in Lisbon 

If Lisbon is your Erasmus destination in January, you must bear in mind that, although the situation due to covid-19 will not allow you to do everything you would like to do, the sunniest capital in Europe has much to offer you.

This year the classes at the universities of Lisbon are being blended in most cases. The same thing happens with leisure activities, many universities in Lisbon offer sports facilities where you can meet people doing sports. Surfing and kayaking are the star sports in Portugal, so take advantage of your Erasmus stay in Lisbon to practice them.

In the heart of Lisbon, Barrio Alto is a famous bar well known by students; the Erasmus Bar. Perfect place to eat cheaply and meet other internationals.

Cost of living 

Lisbon is a city with an average cost of living. It should be noted that in recent years it has risen due to the growth of tourism and the city itself. However, to give you an idea, if you come to Lisbon to study or do an Erasmus, you will spend an average of 370 euros on accommodation and food.

Mobility arrangements 

How to manage your exchange to Lisbon? The main thing, find your accommodation in Lisbon. The popularity of the city has made it sometimes the hardest part of moving to Lisbon.

And finally, remember that we can help you manage the NIE, TIE, the residence permit for students, or the homologation of the necessary qualifications to go to study in Lisbon.

Do not forget to take a look at our RRSS to be updated with the latest news for students.

Contact us for any questions, we are here so that you only worry about enjoying yourself.


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