Of all European cities, Valencia is one of the favorites of Erasmus students. For many of them, this is the perfect city to start a new phase in their university life. The good weather all year round, beaches, parties, culture and the connection with the rest of the the region are just a few of the advantages of doing your Erasmus in Valencia. Do you want to know more about this city?… Let’s get to it!



If you are considering doing your Erasmus in Valencia, first you will have to choose the university where you will study. This year, Valencia was ranked number 86 in the QS Ranking of the best student cities. These results consider aspects such as the level of attractiveness of the city, the cost of living and the academic quality of the universities.

Among the public universities we find the University of Valencia, which is the third university that receives more Erasmus students. In its four academic campuses you can study any degree in any area. Another great option is the Polytechnic University of Valencia, which is among the bests in the world.

If you prefer a private university for your Erasmus in Valencia, you can choose between the Universidad Cardenal Herrera (CEU), Universidad Católica de Valencia S. V. Mártir, ESIC Valencia and the Universidad Europea de Valencia.


When you arrive in the city you will also need a place to stay. Although it is one of the most requested cities by Erasmus students, it is not a very expensive destination and there is a large offer of apartments and rooms for students. Remember that with Students Global Relocation you can book accommodation in any of the most recommended neighborhoods for students. These neighborhoods are Benimaclet, Algiròs, L’Eixample and Ciutat Vella.

Cost of living

Accommodation is probably the biggest expense during your Erasmus, but you should also consider other aspects when planning your budget. To live in Valencia, you will need around 600 euros per month to cover accommodation, living expenses and associated costs. Depending on your lifestyle these may be higher, but you can take this number as a reference.

As in the rest of Spain, the prices of public transport in Valencia are quite affordable. A single ticket for bus, train and metro costs 1,50€ per trip. Luckily for your student pocket, young people can purchase a monthly bus pass that costs 25 euros.

Valencia has one of the best gastronomies in the country. Fortunately, the prices of restaurants and bars are affordable for everyone. There are all kinds of restaurants, in the cheapest ones you can eat for less than 10 euros, in higher category places you can spend up to twice as much. Otherwise, if you want to experiment in the kitchen during your stay abroad, Valencia is full of supermarkets where you can go shopping. The cheapest chains are Consum and Mercadona, the Valencian supermarket par excellence.


Probably, this is what you are most interested in knowing before deciding to do your Erasmus in Valencia. For your peace of mind, we assure you that Valencia has many ideal areas to go out to dance and have a few drinks. During your stay in the city, you can visit huge nightclubs, or entertainment venues where you can have a few drinks. Among them we recommend the following:

Disco Akuarela Playa: This nightclub has different rooms where you can listen to music of different styles. In addition, it has a huge terrace, perfect for party nights in summer. It is located right in front of the Malvarrosa beach and you can get there by streetcar, getting off at the Eugenia Viñes stop.

Vlue Arribar: This place located in the port of Valencia offers incredible gastronomic options during the day and at night it becomes a great terrace with DJ.

Radio City: This pub has been open for over 40 years and is one of the most legendary in the city. Throughout its history it has been transformed to become what it is today, a center of art and culture. Here you can enjoy jam sessions, flamenco performances or plays.

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