As every year, on the first Sunday in May we celebrate Mother’s Day in Spain. Our mothers look after and protect us from the day we are born and represent unconditional love. This is why Mother’s Day is a very special day. A date on which we can thank all mothers for the love and affection they give us.

However, although we want to thank our mothers for everything they do for us, we often don’t know how. If you are one of those absent-minded people who leave everything to the last moment, keep reading our post and discover four ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day.

Why is Mother’s Day celebrated?

Before we start giving ideas, we want to tell you the history of this day. The date on which Mother’s Day is celebrated varies depending on the country you are in. In Spain there is no fixed day on the calendar, but it is celebrated on the first Sunday in May. This means that the day of the celebration varies every year. This year 2021, the first Sunday in May coincides with the 2nd of the month.

Although there is a different date for each country, almost all of them coincide in the month of May. This month represents spring and coincides with the renewal of flowers, understood as a feminine symbol.

How can we celebrate it?

From Students Global Relocation we bring you four different ideas for different mothers. Choose the one that best suits their tastes!

Give her time together

If you are studying away from home, you probably miss spending time with your mother. Why not give her an experience together?

Remember that, as announced by the Spanish central government, on 9 May the state of emergency will be lifted. This means that mobility between communities will be possible again.

Thanks to our partner Tiqets, you can enjoy guided tours to different monuments in different cities. A perfect opportunity to learn more about history and spend time with your mum!

You can book your tickets now to visit monuments in Madrid and Barcelona, and even in foreign cities such as Rome, Paris or London.

Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts are the perfect way to make something totally personalised and meaningful. You can take a photo from years ago and another current photo and make a collage with a personalised frame. Paint the frame in your mum’s favourite colours, and even write a few words on it. It’s a lovely way to show that your love endures through the years, and will last forever!

A material gift

If your mother has been looking for that handbag she loves so much, if she’s longing for those sunglasses that are out of stock… Scour all the shops in town if necessary until you find the gift! You know she’d do it for you, and she’ll be thrilled if you do it for her too.


Flowers are, without a doubt, the gift par excellence. Giving flowers is always a good idea, and even more so in what is known as “the month of flowers”. As we have explained before, Mother’s Day is celebrated in May, representing spring and coinciding with the renewal of flowers, which represent a feminine symbol.

Whatever your mother is, there is always an option to show her how much you love her. We hope we have helped you!

Remember that you can find many other posts with useful tips on our blog.


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